1. T

      Detachable systems like weapons and salvage lasers.

      hopeful suggestion here. I wish to be able to have a main vessel that i can attach and detach weapons and salvagers from through docking. this way you can have one ship and instead of having a salvager and fighter. allowing you to detach and attach accessories based on what task you are attempting.
    2. WildRage64

      What could make the single player experience fun?

      I've been thinking, single player is boring. We only use it to build, or test, or if you are trying the game for the first time. NPC's are cool, but are annoying and have no purpose. I've seen the traders NPC's at spawn shops mention quests. I've tried to explore this further, but it doesn't...
    3. G

      Save Rail Load/Unload Settings on Blueprints

      Would it be possible for rail load/unload settings be saved in blueprints, or just default to "always allow for faction"? I'm trying to make shipping containers, but each needs to be configured manually, making it unfeasible for a trade fleet.
    4. J

      Suggestion- Give us the ability to force a re-download of just textures

      I think we should have the ability to redownload/reinstall just the texture files when we need to, because for like a week i've had a problem where the bottom side of most blocks has had the texture cut in two diagonally, so next to another block of the same type the texture looks like a rhombus...
    5. R

      Off screen fleet operations

      What does anyone think about giving player fleets the ability to perform fleet actions while the fleet itself is far beyond the rendering distance of the player's point of view? Mining asteroids would be much faster and more convenient without the potentially massive frame rate drop caused by...
    6. boomchacle

      Make Missile+cannon systems have a flak detonation equal to 1/2 their explosive radius

      It would make a nice new point defense system competitive for anti drone so you dont have to use lasers or cannons, and it would be a cool system to watch. they would have to do less damage and have a higher radius though
    7. lochenspace

      (EXPANDED!) More asteroids to comensate for possible new stars

      NOTE! This is an expansion to a forum I made not too long ago called "(EXPANDED!) More In-Depth Stellar Classification," and this forum contains references to said other forum. I advise that you read the other forum by clicking HERE, then read this one. White Dwarfs Inner belts *Ghyrion...
    8. lochenspace

      (EXPANDED!) More In-Depth Stellar Classification

      As you all know, stars in Starmade only come in two classes; dwarfs and giants, and they don't really look that appealing. This thread should, if read by any developers, add some insight on more diversity in the stellar classification of Starmade. Main Sequence The "Main Sequence" is a group...
    9. baclodrifr

      Salvage Turrets

      Yes, this is what it sounds like. The basic idea of a "salvage turret" is a docked entity that fires salvage beams at the nearest sources of minerals. A new option could be added into the Bobby AI as well. When you select the turret option a couple boxes show up to select either a normal turret...
    10. symbiot999

      Turret options

      Turret options, I like the current turret options but also at the same time I think we need a enemy selection in it rather then any. So if your not attacked the turrets won't attack but if your attacked and the the ship or ships turn in to enemys. Besides the fact if your on a pvp sever I guess...
    11. jayman38

      Left-Field Block-Based changes

      I was laying down some storage-room cargo storage last night, and I got to thinking back on the cargo update. It was pretty revolutionary. I don't think anyone had made a suggestion for that kind of cargo handling. It was really nice. Plus, I have seen a shortage of suggestions on the forum...
    12. G

      Schine's To Do List:

      So here's some much more useful things the community could use in-game during the next year or so... you know... instead of wasting time on an unpopular power overhaul... - fix factions - e.g. - encourage larger memberships and less 1-manning. - correctly parse all the config files so we can...
    13. Snowtiger256

      Updated Jump Gate logistics

      Last night I got thinking, and came up with a suggestion that would add much-needed functionality to Jump gate computers. My suggestion is detailed below. It is very similar to how transporters function at the moment, and the approach could simplify setting up gate travel networks, because the...
    14. T

      More Realistic Planet Shapes

      While I generally like the way planets look now compared to when I first played with the disc worlds, I still think they could use some updates. I've done some research on different shapes that better resemble planets and I know that there has been other posts on scaling planets similar to what...
    15. jijiji

      Suggestions: armor and penetrating

      Some people think that armor is weak and/or penetration is too big. Here is list of suggestions. Some of them are from forum: akimzav's suggestion: Armor would have a penetration resistance that would increase the more blocks of armor a shot would line up against. If a shot is insufficient to...
    16. T

      Creative Space (ship Dock)

      Well, i am unsure if this is posted i was unsure how to search it... Sorry if this is a previous suggestion. To begin i thought well i have a low end computer, it is difficult to play Locally, so why is it that when i want to just create a ship i have to make a whole universe. I would like a...
    17. Gmodism

      Shipyards more functions suggestion.

      The shipyards are cool, and even more so when they work better than spawning from blueprint, however there are nanny things that would make them much cooler and more useful. -Add recolour options, where you can recolour the whole ship by just selecting a colour and replace it bu a new colour...
    18. Silenc3e3e

      Small changes

      Yo Here are a bunch of small changes I've been slowly building up that I'd like to suggest. I'm sure more will come as I keep playing. But I thought it was time I posted it thus far Starmade suggestions -Being able to drag blocks on a ship (while keeping logic connections) Logic modules...
    19. Energywelder

      Could Fighters Get a Buff?

      It's been a very long time since I've posted on here last, it might actually be more than 2 years. It was also a suggested game change, and ironically, as most of my suggestions were shot down by the community, most of my suggestions have been, or are going to be, implemented. Jump Drives...
    20. TheGT

      Reverse FP as default config option

      Does what it says on the tin, makes reverse FP a default config option.