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    Excellent Replica
    Not very similar to its sleek and elegant prototypes, shares some similarity only from topdown. You know, it IS possible to repeat all the Morrigi curves in Starmade, it just takes a ton of work and time. Plus, the size of the thing seems a bit too small.

    But IF to avoid calling her a Morrigi cruiser, the ship is made pretty well for a first build. It is worth it fixing that door though... Just hide the switch behind 3/4 slab so its part is visible through the gap, that will be more than enough to be able to toggle it.

    Also, thinking of Morrigi, i'd go for SotS 1 ones, seems their design was somewhat ruined in the sequel. But that's completely IMHO.
    Good Job
    Very nicely constructed. Utilitarian, but also has an industrial aesthetic to it. I tried testing some of my weapons against it, and suffice it to say I'll be using the armor layering and much heavier weapons on some of my future builds.
    Look good but I cant dl :'(
    FINALLY I got a chance of exploring this masterpiece of a station. Absolutely glorious work, with so much tiny detailing, definitely an example of how the station should be built.

    Truly loved the little vent surprize ;-)

    A tiny note though - sometimes the inner machinery gets a bit repetitive, maybe add some extra equipment variations? That could make the project even more outstanding
    Thank you very much, MChain! It's very kind of you to call this creative effort of mine a masterpiece. Nice to know that someone else appreciates all the micro-detailing in this station.

    Finally, someone discovered the most well-hidden secret of Quasar E77, and on their own! Thus far only two other starmade-ians have indicated (one in a PM and another in YT comments) that they've found it, but only through several hints from myself. Knowing that its simplicity might be kinda anticlimactic for some, I might expand on it in a future update (already thinking about something logic-animated and diabolical) ;D

    And yes, repetitiveness is one of the major flaws of this station, both inside and out. My excuse is that the interior was built in only 10 days, using a modular interior template set that I made beforehand. Introducing more variation in the hallways at least does indeed feel necessary, but it's up to the inspiration of future times.
    Un truc de Barge!!!
    Alien Covenant?
    Bonjour , l'inspiration vient bien de ce film :)) Mais en regardant un peu plus sur internet , il existe plusieurs versions. Quand j'aurais fini cela fera une de plus. (j'en suis que au début) Merci