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    For Onyx-Two in Ships
    looks beautiful but i can't find the ship core
    For sbdtf in Mods
    Huh... I think my frigate must have shrunk in the wash...
    Full stars for this one:
    Absolutely beautiful, sleek, and much more futuristic than the current UI
    Nice work! I think it would be better if you would split up the repair Tool and the fleet order changes though.

    They are basically independent from each other and some people may not want have both mods at the same time.
    Thanks for the review!

    As for your suggestion, I did actually heavily consider this option, however I decided to put them together due to the following two issues:
    1) Both require overwriting a few of StarMade's classes (fleets and fleet states in particular), and if I split them up both would be replacing some of the same classes, which would cause whichever one to load last to take priority and overwrite the other.
    2) I wanted to add the support command so AI could actually use astrotech beams to repair, and given that the repair paste feature makes astrotech actually viable and not just a waste of resources any support command would be pointless without it. Granted, I could add cross mod functionality and make both compatible with the other, but that wouldn't solve issue 1).

    I may still split them up if I can find a solution to the aforementioned issues, as I do agree that they feel somewhat separate especially as the support command is currently unfinished as of right now.
    Very nice small fighter. Especially that they come in grey + color.
    Put some systems in it, and use them for small pirates.