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    I give a 3-star rating mainly because of practicality, I really like the design, but as you stated... it is a burden on user systems and an abomination for MP-servers.
    Love the ship, looks great. Looks identical to the Tengu from EVE online.
    Would make a nice pair with the Lobster Frigate. As always, nice engine.
    Setting the standard for other builders.
    with Way To Go! Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for the review!
    Yes, it would fit well alongside the Lobster, which was the first ship where I used this scaled hull design. But I think this one turned out better, since it lacks the lazy top-bottom symmetry, and instead has a differently shaped top and underside, giving it a more interesting form. I should probably go and see how they look next to each other though, thanks for the idea! :)
    hands down the best ship ive seen in starmade, have not combat tested her but am thoroughly impressed with the interior, exterior, and working systems
    holy... I hope you didn't do it manually?

    An excellent addition to any WH40K style station. So much detail...
    I would say this is the gold standard in mining ships. Great work dude. Since i tried this one i never used anything else anymore for mining.
    Thank you very much... glad you like it, wowowow! ;)