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    Pretty decent, just wish it had more reactor power and some stronger weapons for a pvp setting
    Revamp this skin! It needs a good detailing and upgrade!
    Looks like the default skin slightly changed
    Nicely detailed, just got the game. Might use this
    Thanks to JakeV for adding my suggested updates and a small bug fix recently. Have been trying this out on both single and multiplayer servers and can see endless possibilities for some fun gameplay ideas.
    i get a page not found while trying to download this
    For LowMade in Mods
    Seriously adds more fps to the game. Must have mod. If it complains about older version then you can ignore this it still functions. Client side mod that works in single and multiplayer.
    I was wondering if this mod would come with its own custom set of blocks. cloned from the original preset. this way you could have both "vanilla" ships and more powerful ones. simulating diverging technologies in the universe
    Hi and thanks for the stars!.. unfortunately that is beyond the "scope" of this "config", and will not be added... considering the hard-coded max of 256 custom-blocks you might want to check-out some of my other CC (community content):