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    One of my favorite builds you did so far. Excellent eye for detail. And pressing buttons is always fun as well. I wouldn't mind if this was part of the build initiative. Although I haven't checked if it falls within the build limits or not.
    very nice
    Looks good, i'll try it ! Mind checking my hotrods ?
    Very nice
    good rp ship with a story behind the design
    kinda looks like a bad dragon.

    you put a lot of effort into this. more of an art piece
    belongs on a planet
    someone clearly understood the assignment. great lore, impressive design, functional ship, perfect package.
    creative design, good use of small details and coloring. good speed. has a somewhat awkward reactor size, making it heavier than a fighter, with bigger chamber requirements but not the max reactor you could have gain at the cost of loosing the below 100 bonus.

    good speed and good lore. the ship however is better for RP than pvp. the weapons are simply not powerful enough and the shield regen is very low.

    keep up the cool designs!
    clearly impressive build. very interactive RP build, maybe a bit more color?
    I tried with the color, but it wasn’t really working for me? Probably because I had ‘sailing ship’ in mind while building it, and white reminded me of that.
    very impressive. not competitive in pvp but an decent effort was made to balance RP and functionality. good work
    "civil ship with no weapons i sware!"

    *turret pops out the bottom*

    ship has some cool interactive features but is lacking in a few of the fundamentals of current ship building norms. namely... an unbalanced Reactor, no sheilds.. ext.

    good job over all
    "It'll run good on metal mesh." 💯