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    I pretty much like how you tried to replicate the Naboo starfighter, however, you could have just created a canopy using glass doors and some frames instead of just a black, metallic slab with a gap to access the core.
    Thanks for the review!

    A few factors as to why I went with an opaque canopy
    - Aids the ships profile (as N-1 canopy doesn't have a frame)
    - Without an interior, and nothing to see inside, I often use the canopy to hide systems
    - Personally I always try to use rails over glass/plex doors
    - Glass doors would still block core access and would require the gap

    Hope my rationalization helps!
    For WarpSpace in Mods
    A great mod for immersion, Warpspace opens up immense amounts of storytelling and RP options. My 1 critique is that the warp animation is very performance-intensive and causes a bit of eye strain; I recommend adding some way to configure this feature. Don't get me wrong, it's a very cool animation and adds to the immersion and wondrous nature of the mod, but some players with low-end PCs or vision trouble might not want to deal with it all the time.
    Woot HGE!!!!
    Pictures or it didnt happen?
    Check out for a screenshot. Will add the same image to this resource. Bit poor to do a three star review because of a missing picture though. 🤔🙄