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    For LowMade in Mods
    Very cool. Just one suggestion, provide a comparison shot between the same ship at the same distance. One with 1x1, and one with StarMade's default downscaling.
    Much better replica than the others I’ve seen over the docks, though it’s a small ship, it packs a punch and I can confidently say that this is a quality replica ship you don’t often see around, specially with these sizes
    For LowMade in Mods
    5/5 160+ fps while looking at a 750k very epic
    For Bruce Lee in Skins
    Nìce, I expect modding support will give this game the influx of players it needs
    *soviet anthem playing in the background*
    Godspeed, Yuri Gagarin.
    the ship from outside just looks soo cool, I'm so happy to see you return abigmac, you're ships were so high standards back in the day, and I loved them. Keep playing and the awesome job you're known for
    the ship looks cool, but when I was looking at it I noticed a few holes in the ship (main in the side weapon pods) and I found the interior quite plain and hotly gray, if you could add some of your faction colors to it it would be so much better, right now it's still a pretty, cool ship, but that's where you failed in my opinion
    For Nabang in Ships
    how do I begin, IT'S A QUAD ENGINE POD FIGHTER, do I need to say more? this is a ship I will probably remember in a long time because it's so cool, still, unable to access the cockpit but unlike with the Gwisang, this is an excellent fighter in my opinion and serves it's purpose with the added bonus of looking good from all angles, also, QUAD ENGINE PODS!
    For Gwisang in Ships
    Excellent ship with excellent presentation and cool looks, I specially like the exposed bits in th e underside, I might steal part of that if you don't mind ;), however, I found the relatively thin salvage array quite underwhelming, and I was a bit surprised in a bad way when I wasn't able to access the cockpit, but I understand the size constraints and that there was a reason to why the cockpit inaccessible, if you could fix those two little problems that would make the whip a 50% in and out of roleplay