1. 1

      Bug Block textures are wrong

      When I am switching to an old version and then to the newest, a combination of right and wrong block textures are used. Redownloading does not help.
    2. Lord DarkSide

      Masurmend / Vermessung - Blocks

      Hi Folks. My idea is blocks with numbers on all 6 side, so we can see how many block long the object are. So we can use that to build easy big objects or control them the size of them. The idea is from 1,2 ........ 100, ......5000 to count As a new kind of block, as buildhelper Look my sample pic.
    3. EricBlank

      Give us some cheap decorative hull blocks

      One of the complaints i see and sometimes think about myself is that our choices for good looking hull blocks also happen to be heavy, expensive armored blocks. So the simplest suggestion is to give us some decorative, unarmored, lightweight and dirt cheap blocks that look good as smooth or...
    4. E

      Block Information resources

      Hey All, I'm a New/returning player, and have had the itch to build things (particularly ships). This game is doing a wonderful job of satisfying that desire, but I'm having a hard time finding an up to date encyclopedic resource with a basic description of blocks, their functionality, and...
    5. Markus_McCloud

      Yoku Blocks Demonstration 1.0

      I decided to be a little evil and recreate those damned Appearing Blocks (Also called Yoku Blocks) from Mega Man in StarMade! While the logic itself is quite simple, the results are deviously evil! This ship is just a test area for the blocks in question. There is a button on the right of...
    6. A

      Place angle blocks together with out extra ship

      I use an extra docked ship on a two block rail and raise it into place when I want to add angle textures like this... Being able to do this with out the extra ship and with out having to raise th blocks into place would be awesome.
    7. Napther

      Add "Exclude Block" to Pick/replace tools

      As title, We all like the pick/replace tool we have to removing and recolouring large sections of 1 block... ...But what about the other way around? We should be able to select a block (Preferably a list, or category of blocks) that will be "Protected" from removal by the build tool until...
    8. Asvarduil

      Makin' Blocks Better

      Foreword A lot of talk involves making mining smoother, or enhancing exploration. These are good goals. However, ships, stations, bases, whatever all take blocks. Right now, I have to be honest - the process of making blocks just isn't too good. It's time consuming, it's gets...
    9. P

      Textureless block preview in advanced build mode

      Hi guys, just a quick question: the preview of the block (for rotation) in advanced build mode shows no texture for me (which often makes it hard to see which way the block is facing), see picture below: Is this normal behaviour or do I change a setting anywhere? Thanks a lot Polarius
    10. JumpSuit

      Ship Cord-Cabling

      So, in a previous suggest I had done, I said something along the lines of re-route-able power cables going through out the ship, and gave an example. Well I am thinking Pipes that connect a storage to another storage, an example of this is Minecraft Buildcraft Pipes, or Better, Space Engineer...
    11. Captain Tankman

      Gravityfield Block

      Did you ever wanted to park your ship quick on a ladingpad, but it just bounced away? Are you tired of complex gravitymodule-activator contraptions for stationwide gravity? Then this is something you might want to look into: Gravityfield blocks. These blocks get linked to a normal gravitymodule...
    12. Comradecolonel

      Docked Entities and camera blocks

      I was working on my ship and thought up a cool way to put security cameras in the halls and rooms. I made a docked entity that is a core and a bunch of camera blocks. Turns out that docked entities ignore the direction the camera is facing and my idea is a no go. I assume this is a bug but I...
    13. drunken waffel

      Holographic Display

      As of the new v0.198.219 update you can now have 3d modeled blocks and objects in the game. What I am suggesting is some sort of holographic block that would allow players to render ghost images of three denominational modeled objects such as ships, and two denominational images and gifs such as...
    14. P

      New Thruster Block

      I got this idea because I don't like the idea that depending on how someone build his ship you can't immobilise it. You could just distribute the thruster modules all over the ship. So I thougt about a thrusters-core-block where you connect the thrusters to, to get the full potential out of...
    15. mrsinister

      Read by Council Suggestion: Provide option to have 2 additional CUSTOM power blocks

      Greetings all again, Hello and thank you for taking the time to view this thread, if you are a server owner like myself and you like to customize the game like I do, wouldn't it be nice to have the option to add at least 2 other forms of power? ;) whether it be for a RP server or regular...
    16. wanzer

      Rejected gold and silver colored armor types

      hello like the topic stated I like to propose these 2 highly reflective colors to the already existing range of colored blocks. reflecting a low resolution cube map and a star or binary stars if one or more are near.
    17. Achriel

      Read by Council Station Module (a type of shipyard/core)

      So your faction has one or more 'default' stations you build in various locations. Maybe outpost, shipyard, defense, mining, cargo who knows but making them from scratch is annoying. Sure you can make a massive template of the parts and assemble it but that's just as annoying (maybe more)...
    18. HolyCookie

      Read by Council Free style decoration block

      First want to note down that this is a suggestion from myself. So right now, we have quite a few decoration blocks but if we want the decoration that pleases everyone, many blocks are needed. That's why I want to suggest this: A special build mode in-game where you can design your block...
    19. Benevolent27

      Read by Council Block Editor - Copy and paste existing blocks

      So, currently I think there is already a good basis for block creation and custom server settings. However, I think there can be be some work done on these, and I think a few additions of usability would really go a long way toward opening up their use. This is by no means a complete write-up...
    20. Achriel

      Read by Council Block ID workaround (for more colours)

      Admittedly how the code works is beyond me, but I thought I toss this out in case is was workable (pardon if it's a completely inane idea). I also realize it may be WAY too late in coding to make this change or already suggested (couldn't find it). Could the building blocks ID be separated...