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    • Made a fleet submission, as you know my colour palette is grey & green with organic shapes. Sadly my best ships are too big.
      Wedge-Sphere-27 updated after nearly 2 years. Fleet ready and it now is a nice pairing for taking our even large targets.
      Torus Worlds. A complicated name for a simple idea (wrapping flat map). Map it onto a sphere and you get round worlds that 'feel' flat.
      Working on POC for my cargo handling/transfer system. The elevator/train works perfectly now (download in CC - Logic)
      Sphere201 Station mostly railed out, just removing all the leftover docking. Power supply updated, turrets next.
      Cargo Containers have ramps with logic and the UDP. Now the basic transport is needed.
      The Corellian Cruiser is completed, rails converted. Working on a new Cargo Carrier with modular containers.. logic making my brain hurt.
      Harvester Squid updated, probably will work my way through the Rebel Star Wars fighters now (reducing mass).
      Working on turret upgrades for various ships as well as docking and rails. With the number of ships I have to do, this could take awhile.
      Completed the YT-1300 (Millennium Falcon) and it's a very nice build, RP and very functional. Squid is being updated.
      Harvester-Squid can now bite back (HS MIssiles) and a decent scanner. Not offensive but no longer harmless.
      harvester-Squid uploaded, still some interior RP to complete but better to test before sealing it up.
      Added the ETA2 from StarWars to my small ship collection, very nifty little beast.
      The E061-Collector is now available for downloading. Finished interior and updated to 0.1846 version. Explore and give it a rating.
      Quadril v1e update: blades smoothed, engines upgraded, no main weapons yet. Perhaps 2x Ion missiles and 2x Coring cannons.
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