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    Oct 23, 2013
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    August Progress Report
    Somewhat anticlimactic progress report, I just bought a new computer this month so spent a good chunk of time just moving into it, and playing around with higher end games.
    Although I don't have anything to show month, my Liberator CR-90 repaint is 95% complete, so I should have that posted some time tomorrow.

    September 2021 Plans/Ideas

    • Release Updated Millennium Falcon?
      • It's been finished for awhile, and I should just release this version as it is until my new interior is finished
    • Release Liberator?
      • Build is finished, just needs to be released
    • Y-Wing Variants
      • Holiday Special
      • Zorii Bliss
      • Clone Wars
        • Classic Yellow
        • Rex (Blue Deco)
        • Red Deco
    • Continue reskins for Tantive IV

    • Future Ideas - Ships that I haven't started yet, that I may or may not complete eventually
      • Havoc Marauder
        • The shuttle operated by the Bad Batch
      • Justifier
        • Cad Bane's new ship seen in The Bad Batch
      • Fennec's ship
        • Fennec Shand's new ship seen in The Bad Batch
      • Ghost
        • No serious plans yet, however I do want to begin a search for deck plans if possible, although I'm not certain they exist in full.
      • Nebulon-B
        • Still quite excited by the deck plans I discovered, and one day hope to build this ship, however if the CR-90 was any indication, it could take me eons.
      • Updated Millennium Falcon
        • A project that is truly never-ending... Basically, I just want to update the interior layout to the new canon specifications.
      • Video Projects
        • Showcase Video for all ships not yet showcased (including updated ones)
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