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    Sep 29, 2013
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    Makers me want to build trench setup for the fighters to fly though in pursuit of an X-wing.
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    Oct 23, 2013
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    November Progress Report
    Starting this month I wanted to make a log, or progress report at the beginning of each month detailing the things I did over the previous month (In this case November) To get a list out of possible ideas I have circulating, and overall just have a log of what I've done.

    November 2020 Releases & Updates
    Slave I
    Tantive IV
    TIE Shuttle
    TIE Boarding Craft
    TIE Interceptor - Royal Guard

    TIE Bomber - Removed Chin-mounted cannons, and added wingtip cannons
    TIE Interceptor - Added Chin-mounted cannons

    Begun Construction:
    Razor Crest - 15-20%
    Royal Rebuild Challenge (JW608) - 40-50%

    December 2020 Plans/Ideas

    • Release U-Wing 2.0
      • Ship is finished, just needs to be released. Exterior is more accurate/detailed. Doors are now on rails. Has a proper interior. Plex Landing Gear, and a second variant which has door cannon/turrets.
    • Release Updated Millennium Falcon
      • It's been finished for awhile I just want to make a video showing the upgrades/differences, but have yet to complete it
    • Continue work on Razor Crest
      • Currently I have the rough frame and cockpit layout completed, as well as a solid draft of the side door/ramp
    • Continue work on JW608 Community Challenge
      • I had a late start as I've been pretty busy towards the end of this month, but I have been working on an entry for his Royal Rebuild challenge. So far I have most of the exterior done, as well as maybe 40% of the interior
    • Continue work on Y-wing
      • Basic framework. Might scrap
    • Take Orthographic images of DI Ships. Saw images like this on the AVALON Discord, fashioned on blueprint paper, and they looked pretty cool. Would be nice to have a catalogue like that for my fleet that is consistent across all ships. Probably would make it an individual post that I add onto/update over time.
    • Begin reskins for Tantive IV
      • With the completion of the Tantive IV, this leaves open the possibility for a bunch of other CR-90 corvettes including but not limited to:
      • Liberator, Transport One, Unnamed (to my knowledge) Rebels Variant, Tantive III (Which would require upgrades), Green CR-90's from Star Wars: Squadrons (They have 2 extra escape pods, and extra Turbolasers)
    • Video Projects
      • Showcase Video for Slave I (Not yet started)
      • Showcase Video for Tantive IV (Not yet started)
      • Showcase Video for Royal Rebuild Challenge (Ship not finished)
      • 2020 year in review video (5% complete, not sure how feasible it'll be to make. Basically looking at all the ships made this year)
      • Updated Showcase Video for Millennium Falcon (Not yet started. Basically remaking the original video with the updated ship)

    • Future Ideas - Ships that I havn't started yet, that I may or may not complete eventually
      • Update Millennium Falcon
        • I'm still not completely happy with the Falcon, one of the main reasons being the interior layout. While it's technically accurate to legends, the new cannon version is different. If I eventually make the Lando, and Sequel reskins of the Falcon, I want to first make a more canon-accurate interior, which is why I've renamed my current version "Millennium Falcon - Legends"
        • Sequels Millennium Falcon. The differences include an extra bunk in the main room, as well as a kitchen added to the crew cabin, which was a wedding gift to Leia. Also the square dish. I also want to include the galaxy map possibly that they see in Episode VII projected by BB-8 all across the main room, by using forcefields
        • Lando's Millennium Falcon. This one has obvious differences regarding the outer hull coloring, as well as the escape pod. It also has different turrets that are only single barrel rather than quad, and also the interior has several differences all throughout.
        • Updated Cargo Pod. Not that the freight that's currently included necessarily has anything wrong with it, I just think it can be upgraded to be more aesthetically pleasing, as well as more segmented so it can form a proper train as intended
        • This is a pretty vague idea, plus I doubt there is space for it, but possibly add the remote Luke fights in Episode IV by just having a core with a button on it, that when pushed will float up and go back and forth, or possibly rotate, attached by a rail somewhere in the distance.
        • Update Escape pods. While the escape pod setup is somewhat accurate to Legends, there is supposed to be 5 back there in Legends that simply don't fit in Starmade. On the other hand in Canon, I learned that there is only a single escape pod access, and that there is a magazine of extra pods instead.
      • Zorii's Y-wing
        • Assuming I finish my Y-wing in December, I eventually want to make a reskin for Zorii Bliss who has a Y-wing seen in Episode IX
      • N-1 Starfighter(Naboo fighters)
        • I used to have one, but It's been lost over time somewhere, but either way I'd like to make a new one.
        • Padme N-1 Starfighter. If I do there is a repaint I could do where there is no yellow, and it's all chromed that Padme is seen using in Forces of Destiny.
        • While I have no intention of making this ship anytime soon, the J-Type Royal Starship, and Diplomatic Barge would be pretty cool to build. The Barge has mountings on the wings for 4 N-1 Starfighters to dock as an escort
      • Liset (Warframe)
        • During my Hiatus I put at least 100 hours into Warframe if not more. In that game the main ship you use is called the Liset, and I would love to build it, only there are a few complications: Namely the fact that the entire front light gray part is a window. On the inside it's transparent, but the outside is solid, and Starmade doesn't exactly have 1-way glass. Another minor issue would be all the moving control surfaces on the ship, which I don't necessarily have to include, but I would want to.
      • Video Ideas:
        • Create a video showing changes in how I build, namely the changes to the Falcon, Tantive, and Slave I over the years. Not sure yet If I want to, but might be interesting.
        • Turn these monthly posts into monthly videos.
          • While I'm not sure I'll have the time, it would still be nice to try and put together a video to coincide with these monthly reports to show visually what's been going on.

    While I'll probably not even finish half the ideas on this list, it's still good to write them down so I have some goals for the coming month. I hope to continue this in the coming months, and possibly make videos on them as well
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    Oct 23, 2013
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    Doc Industries YT-608
    Just released my version of the 608 Royal Freighter. Comes equipped with 2 primary laser cannons, 1 small laser cannon, hangar space for 2 A-wings, A luxury escape pod, tractor beams in both front and back, upgraded hyperdrive and engines, as well as basic scanning, and jamming functionalities.

    I go over most of the details on the download page:

    I also made a showcase video going over the ship:

    [Video is segmented when played on YouTube]
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