star wars

    1. sensei86

      Shipyard of the White Falcon Order

      I have finally got around to making my own shipyard thread. I will post here my finished designs as well as my WIP builds. But let's not waste time, let's get down to it. Introduction: I started playing StarMade back in 2015. I was new to the game and due to this I didn't build any kind of...
    2. docpenguindoc

      DI Starclipper 1.0

      Doc Industries Star Clipper The Starclipper is a general purpose spacecraft designed for civilian use. Although you may not recognize this Star Wars vessel, it has been hiding in plain sight since 1977. I highly recommend checking out EC Henry on YouTube. He is the one who not only...
    3. docpenguindoc

      DI Assassin-Class Corvette 0.3

      [WIP] Doc Industries Assassin-Class Corvette A Corellian Corvette, as seen in the X-Wing vs TIE Fighter game. This ship is still unfinished, the exterior is mostly done, with currently limited interior and systems. Uploading the ship to the dock as a placeholder that will be updated when...
    4. docpenguindoc

      DI Phantom .9

      Doc Industries Phantom The Phantom is the auxiliary craft belonging to The Ghost, the ship prominently featured in Star Wars Rebels. Without the Ghost currently finished, the Phantom itself is not necessarily finished, as there will be some modification when it comes to slotting this auxiliary...
    5. docpenguindoc

      DI Republic Gunship 1.0

      Doc Industries Republic Gunship The Galactic Republic's answer to troop transportation presents itself as a heavily armed, atmospheric transport. This build comes equipped with Four beam turrets, Two laser cannons, Two missile launchers, Aft laser turret, Ejector seats for the ship's pilot &...
    6. docpenguindoc

      DI Red Squadron 1.0

      Doc Industries Red Squadron Based on the fighter squadron responsible for the destruction of the Death Star, as seen in Episode IV, these repaints of my Doc Industries X-Wing replicate the appearance (to the best of their ability) of the original models used in 1977. Reds One through Six...
    7. docpenguindoc

      DI Red Jammer 1.0

      Doc Industries Red Jammer Red Jammer is identical to the Y-Wing release, simply a repaint, but is based off a behind-the-scenes Y-Wing deco which was originally going to be in Episode IV: A New Hope, but didn't make it into the film. Red Jammer is often a fan pick for being on Red Squadron...
    8. docpenguindoc

      DI Phoenix Squadron Pack 6 Ships

      Doc Industries Phoenix Squadron Inspired by Star Wars Rebels, the Phoenix Squadron consists of several unique X-Wing and A-Wing variants presented to you in this collection! Phoenix Squadron X-Wing Hera's A-Wing . . . . . . . . . ."Green" A-Wing . . . . . . . . . . . . ."White" A-Wing . . ...
    9. docpenguindoc

      DI Starcrawler 1.0

      Doc Industries Starcrawler The remains of a Sandcrawler were found by the Jawa Clans of Tatooine, and was converted into their ticket to the stars. With the deserts of Tatooine only providing a finite amount of scrap, the Jawa's took the opportunity of a second Sandcrawler to create a...
    10. docpenguindoc

      DI Sandcrawler 1.1

      Doc Industries Sandcrawler The Sandcrawler. Originally designed as mobile mining & smelting facilities by Corellia, but once abandoned would find themselves to be shelter & transport for clans of Jawas. - Cross Section - There isn't much reference material for the Sandcrawler's interior...
    11. docpenguindoc

      DI Anakin Skywalker's Podracer 1.0

      The famed podracer that won the ever popular Boonta Eve Classic Whipped this one up for my CBI: Mobile Factory, which I just finished today, and should be releasing soon.
    12. docpenguindoc

      DI Razor Squadron ARC-170 1.0

      Simply a redeco of the ARC-170, this Razor Squadron edition is based on the clone team 'The Muunilinst 10' as seen in the 2003 Clone Wars animated shorts. S-Foils Aft Turret
    13. docpenguindoc

      Clone Wars Y-Wing Pack 4 Ships

      This pack includes 4 different Y-Wing bombers as seen in the Clone Wars cartoon series. *Classic Rebel Y-Wing can also be found here Standard Y-Wing Anakin/Gold Leader Y-Wing Captain Rex's Y-Wing Landing at Point Rain Y-Wing 360 Degree Turrets
    14. sensei86

      WFO Harrower Class Dreadnought 1.0

      The White Falcon Order presents the Harrower Class Dreadnought, a vessel from the Star Wars Univerese. Notes: A special day deserves a special (for me) ship. The hull was completed in January 2021. After lot of reworks the ship is nearly completed. The only thing it misses is some detailing...
    15. docpenguindoc

      DI The Mandalorian's Naboo Starfighter 1.0

      Following the Destruction of the Razor Crest, The Mandalorian had to acquire a new vessel to travel the galaxy, and with the help of a Tatooine friend, was able to make modifications to an old Naboo Starfighter. Comes equipped with laser cannons, proton torpedos, shielding, and a hyperdrive...
    16. docpenguindoc

      DI Padmé Amidala's Naboo Starfighter 1.0

      This special N-1 Starfighter, flown by Padmé Amidala, has it's hull plated with chromium, to designate the presence of royalty.
    17. docpenguindoc

      DI Naboo Starfighter 1.01

      The N-1 Starfighter is a patrol craft developed specifically for the Royal Naboo Security Forces. Comes equipped with Dual laser canons, Proton torpedo launcher, Shielding, and a hyperdrive.
    18. UNSC820

      Crucio Class Light Cruiser 1.0

      Introduction and history Designed as a replacement for the aging and outdated Dauntlas class light cruiser. The Crucio Class fixes up on the flaws that subsided itself in the Dauntlas class. It boost more powerful shields, weapons and has a much higher thrust ratio. The class was never accepted...
    19. docpenguindoc

      DI Thunderstrike 1.0

      This CR-90 is near-identical to the Tantive IV on the outside, however the interior, as well as nearly all docked entities have been stripped out, and replaced with solid systems throughout the ship, making it much more function over RP. Also less intensive, due to the lack of docked entities. A...
    20. docpenguindoc

      DI Rebels Blockade Runner 1.0

      This CR-90 Corvette from Rebels is frequently seen, however I couldn't identify a name for it. This ship is a repaint, with the interior mostly unchanged. The main change apart from livery is the USD Turrets. In the December update on my shipyard I will go over the differences between the...