star wars

    1. docpenguindoc

      DI Liberator 1.0

      The Liberator served as the flagship of Phoenix Squadron during the earlier years of the Rebellion. Although the paint scheme is unique, it's functionally identical to the Transport One as a rebels CR-90 Corvette variant. This CR-90 is capable of docking A-Wings, however the docking tubes are...
    2. sensei86

      WFO Raider Class Corvette 1.0.1

      The White Falcon Order presents the Raider Class Corvette, a vessel from the Star Wars Univerese. Notes: I built this ship with the first ones, and I think it's ready for the Dock. This build is optimized around AI use, so there is no interior. Specifications: Lenght: 156 m Width: 75 m Height...
    3. docpenguindoc

      Razor Crest 1.0

      To celebrate May the Fourth, Doc Industries presents the Razor Crest, as seen in The Mandalorian This ship comes with: 2700 dps cannons Strength 2 perma-stealth Jammer Jump Autocharge Level 4 reactor 3.4 TMR 40,000 shield cap 665 shield recharge 20,000 Cargo Volume Rail features: Landing Gear...
    4. docpenguindoc

      DI Y-Wing 1.0

      Long overdue to the Rebel starfighter lineup, the Y-Wing. A signature bombing craft used by the Rebel alliance which includes a dorsal turret, ventral bomb bay, and torpedos. Turret has 360° rotation
    5. ExplosiveTrex

      DBY-827 Heavy Turbolaser Turret 1.0

      Lore: The DBY-827 Turbolaser Turret was manufactured by Taim & Bak and was used by the Grand Army of the Republic on their Venator-class Star Destroyers during the Clone wars. These turrets were used for ship-to-ship combat and planetary bombardments, and featured fast rotation speeds...
    6. Criss

      Criss' Kuat Drive Yards

      Hello. Long time, no see. I haven't got much to talk about or show off, but check this out. Just something I've been chipping away at for a bit. There might be more to come. Some big things. Like really big things. Like mile long things. Let's see where this goes first okay? Who knows, I...
    7. docpenguindoc

      DI Transport One 1.0

      Transport One This CR-90 Corvette served the Rebel Alliance prior to the events of A New Hope, and is essentially identical to the Tantive IV, but in blue. This ship, Transport One can be seen destroyed in S2E7 of Rebels, however an identical CR90 is the personal ship of Ahsoka Tano, so for...
    8. sensei86

      WFO Arquitens Class Light Cruiser 1.1

      The White Falcon Order presents the Arquitens Class Light Cruiser, a vessel from the Star Wars Univerese. Notes: I started building the ship in this summer, but I took a little break and now the ship is in its final form. This build is optimized around AI use, so there is no interior. By the...
    9. docpenguindoc

      DI YT-608 1.0

      YT-608 The ever popular YT-Series line of ships including greats such as the YT-1300, and YT-2400 now brings the YT-608. Designed to be a sturdy cargo freighter, this ship has been repurposed by the rebellion to make on the go repairs to fighter crews using it's integrated hangar in place of a...
    10. docpenguindoc

      DI Royal Guard TIE Fighter 1.0

      Apart from appearance it's identical to the TIE Interreceptor, however this TIE Fighter is flown by the Emperors personal Royal Guard.
    11. docpenguindoc

      DI TIE Boarding Craft 1.0

      The TIE craft used to enter the Tantive IV in Star Wars opening moments was none other than this starfighter. Comes equipped with a pod for troops to dock and board an enemy vessel, as well as a specialized chin-mounted laser cannon
    12. docpenguindoc

      DI TIE Shuttle 1.0

      A simple shuttlecraft used by the Empire to transport command personnel short distances.
    13. docpenguindoc

      DI Tantive IV 1.1

      Tantive IV While this ship may be several times larger than anything I've built prior, I've still done what I could to make it just as interactive, and thus it features several rail features (shown below), turrets, and escape pods, along with a full 4-deck interior complete with rail doors. All...
    14. docpenguindoc

      DI Slave I 1.1

      Slave I A modified Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Similarly to my Millennium Falcon build, I've tried to include as many features as I could find to make this the best Slave I that I could. Here is an interior tour w/gifs. For external features visit my shipyard page...
    15. Roninx

      Starwars 1:1 Small Fighter Pack 1.0

    16. Roninx

      z95 Headhunter 1.0

    17. Roninx

      Roninx' Shipyard 1:1

      I'm releasing 1:1 or close content to help you out with star wars builds. What's cooler than a scale ship with scale fighters inside? Imperial Station With 12 fighters for auto launch - interactive pirate station setup. TIE LN/INT/BMB Imperial Outpost Z95 Headhunter 1:1 Small Ship Pack...
    18. Roninx

      Imperial Outpost (Starwars) 1.0

      I built this as an interactive pirate station on my own server, it launches tie fighters when a player arrives. The design itself is not canon. The tie fighters are my design. This holds LN's, INT's and Bombers 4 of each. All is as close to 1:1 as possible.
    19. StarGuy1701

      Interstellar Vanguard Shipyards

      Welcome to the Union Coalition of Interstellar Vanguards! --Interstellar Vanguard Shipyards-- _________________________________________________________________ Hi. Jim here, also known as StarGuy1701, with my first forum thread ever! It's been a while since I first started playing StarMade...
    20. docpenguindoc

      Doc Industries Shipyard

      Welcome to the Doc Industries Shipyards Here is where I will basically be posting all the ships I build, and below you can find a condensed list in blue that links to each of the posts in this shipyard talking about that specific build. If there is no link attached, then that means the ship is...