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    Tantive IV

    While this ship may be several times larger than anything I've built prior, I've still done what I could to make it just as interactive, and thus it features several rail features (shown below), turrets, and escape pods, along with a full 4-deck interior complete with rail doors. All in all the ship clocks in at exactly 200m long, and over 100 docked entities.


    More pictures:

    With this ship I tried my hand at creating a cross-section to serve as a map for the interior: View attachment Map Vertical.png

    In the event that the ship remotes don't save properly, here is the order

    Hotbar 1:
    (1) Rail Turret Controller
    (2) Upper Turbolaser
    (3) Lower Turbolaser
    (4) Laser Cannons
    (5) Scanner
    (6) Port Docker
    (7) Starboard Docker
    (0) Jump Drive

    Hotbar 2:
    (1) Landing Gear
    (2) Surface Turbolift
    (3) Turbolift Ramp
    (4) Boarding Ramp
    (5) Forward Port Docker
    (6) Forward Port Airlock
    (7) Forward Starboard Docker
    (8) Forward Starboard Airlock
    (9) Astromech Hatch
    (0) Activate Dish

    Hotbar 3:
    (1) Pod Right 1
    (2) Pod Left 1
    (3) Pod Right 2
    (4) Pod Left 2
    (6) Top Pods

    Hotbar 4:
    (1) Pod Right 1
    (2) Pod Right 2
    (3) Pod Right 3
    (4) Pod Right 4
    (5) Pod Left 1
    (6) Pod Left 2
    (7) Pod Left 3
    (8) Pod Left 4
    (0) Bottom Pods

    Hotbar 5:
    (5) All Escape Pods

    There are also 3 cameras located in the bridge that can be placed anywhere.
    (Ex. Near a Turbolaser for easier control)

    Here are some gifs showing off the rail features:

    Landing Gear:

    Surface Turbolift

    Boarding Ramp

    Forward Airlocks

    Astromech Hatch

    Top Escape Pods

    Lower Escape Pods

    Eventually I plan on creating more CR90 Corvette's from other Star Wars media.
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    Latest updates

    1. Updated Accuracy

      Changelog: - Removed front landing foot, and central two landing feet - Added Boxes near lower...

    Latest reviews

    First of congrats on completing this beauty. If it is one thing I love about your build it’s the amount of detailed interior and interaction you managed to pack into the hull.

    Would love to see you give a tour as you did with the Falcon.
    I didn’t count the beds in this ship but I don’t think it was 42 :D
    Did noticed some minor things.

    - The ship was in AI mode when it spawned in, so it started running as soon as it spotted a pirate.

    - The big dish was not spinning. Even pushed the button for it but unfortunately it did not go.

    - You might want to give the escape pods a bit more rail length to be able to smoothly dock again.

    Just minor things but it hope it helps.
    Thank you! I do plan eventually making a video, I just wanted to post it to see if there was anything obvious I missed first.

    - For the AI mode, I forget it exists sometimes but I can update that.

    - I haven't had a problem with the dish spinning, but it's possible it simply doesn't appear to be spinning. It spins extremely slowly

    - I havn't had too much problem with the escape pods docking poorly, only once in awhile it bugs out but hasn't gotten stuck yet.

    Thank you for the advice