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    Doc Industries Sandcrawler
    The Sandcrawler. Originally designed as mobile mining & smelting facilities by Corellia, but once abandoned would find themselves to be shelter & transport for clans of Jawas.

    - Cross Section -
    Sandcrawler Crosssection.png

    There isn't much reference material for the Sandcrawler's interior, so much of it comes from the official cross-section pictured above, which you can feel free to compare.

    To watch the full conveyor/salvage path, check it out here:

    (Feel free to watch in 2x speed)​

    Reactor HP: 140,660
    Reactor Recharge: 335,500
    Reactor Size: 3,050 (Level 30)
    Reactor Chambers: Jump Autocharge
    Base Power Enhancement

    Shield Capacity: 1,004,500
    Shield Recharge: 18,200

    Cargo Capacity: 116,000

    Thrust/Mass Ratio: 1.9
    Max Speed: 245.9

    Weapons: None

    Size: Width - 29m
    Height - 47m
    Length - 112m

    This project was inspired by the Mobile Factory/Refinery Community Build Initiative
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    I have no idea why you would build this but it is very impressive.