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    Oct 2, 2013
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    Hi there! I am Jake Lancia, co-owner of the Trident Foundries shipbuilding corporation, and I am here to bring you a message:

    We at Trident Foundries challenge YOU to create new builds for the masses!
    This thread will be a list of all the previous build initiative competitions we have held and the current ones that are going on, as well as serving as a discussion thread for ideas for future competitions.

    For those of you that prefer Discord, I will be opening up the Trident’s Corner Discord so that contestants and others can discuss the entries, among other things. PM one of the judges for an invite link.

    The top five ships of each competition will have a short video review and we will be scoring ships using the score system below.

    Previous competitions:
    Cargo Ship: Thread | Video review | Winning build

    Mobile factory/refinery: Thread | Video review | Winning Build

    Ongoing competitions:
    Solar System Racer: Thread | Video Review (Coming soon!) | Winning Build (Undecided!)

    Score system:
    Exterior: 0/10 How good the exterior is
    Interior: 0/10 How good the interior is
    Purpose: 0/10 How well the ship fits its design brief (this also includes interaction/integration of the purpose of the ship)

    The judges are:
    Jake Lancia - Co-creator and leader of the faction Trident - RP builder, former PvP builder - Community uploads

    Plaz (crazyf22raptor) - Co-creator and leader of the faction Trident - RP builder - Community uploads

    Nauvran - Ex-leader and co-creator of the faction The Tartaran Empire - RP builder -
    Community uploads
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