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    Oct 21, 2019 at 9:09 PM
      1. DeepspaceMechanic
        Thank you very much for the offer of a showcase, that is very generous... It would sure be good to see one of my own ships showcased. But I'm still kind of early in the process of learning this art, and I'm a slow builder, so it might take a good amount of time, but I will definitely be on the job and notify you when finished :)
      2. lighturfir
        for this being only the 3rd major interior i have built all feed back is greatly appreciated again its still a work in progress plus i wanted to thank you for the work bee and the mark fighter even though i can build big ships its the lil ones i have the hardest time
        1. Tshara
          I’m a huge fan of docked entities. I think they make ships more alive. Hanger bays are a big part of that. Loved the fan at the back of the hanger on your last build. It got some good detail going with all the machinery. I would suggest building a more crane like structure to hold up the fighters though. Some sort of robotic arm.
          Feb 10, 2016
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      3. lighturfir
        greetings was just going over some posting an i seen you like the last builds hanger an thought i would share the second ship in the g-classes hanger with you
      4. CIR
        Congratulations Tshara on being our newest member to join the ranks of Master Builders! Keep up the amazing work and we look forward to see more awesome creations from you!
        1. 0ldSkull and Tshara like this.
      5. aceface
        aha ok i didn't see that it was posted before
      6. Miow22
        ey! wake up boy!
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