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    Hello citizens ~

    we just uploaded a small update that will increasy lighting calculation speed by ~30%. That's the time of a recalculation when you place a block, or turn light on/off. The chunk32 update introduced a bit of delay on it since it is doing 8 times the work now. There are more optimizations planned in that regard very soon.

    Also, a lighting bug has been fixed. It caused the lighting switch to distance lighting to be a hard edge, so chunks appeared to be suddenly darker when coming closer.

    Thanks for playing StarMade,

    ~ the Schine team
    Greetings citizens, ~

    this is just a small update to fix the resources in asteroids. They should be more than 8 times as much raw resources in asteroids, and the veins should be spread more evenly. This fix will only apply to unchanged asteroids of course.

    Additionally there is a small fix to the light bars which blocked players from walking through its block sized hitbox. Also, there is a small fix to wireless logic when the recipient isn't loaded in yet.

    Thanks for playing StarMade,

    ~ The Schine Team
    Hello players,

    a new version has been updated. Read the full news here:

    StarMade News - StarMade v0.199.152 Optimizations, Memory optimizations, and fixes

    Thanks for playing StarMade,
    - schema and the Schine Team
    Hello players,

    a new update has just been uploaded. Read the full news here:

    StarMade News - StarMade v0.199.132 - Huge performance upgrade for chunks, also now supporting Portuguese-Brazilian Language

    Hope you enjoy,

    and thanks for playing StarMade,
    - schema and the Schine Team
    Surprise! Dev blog time! Last time we were talking about asking for your input on what you wanted as part of our in-game video tutorials. Well we've taken those on board and have released the first set of in-game video tutorials to cover the basics of the game. We'll continue to add to them as time goes on and to assist in teaching new major features planned for the game.

    This dev blog however is more focused on what's currently being worked on, as it changes a lot of core code for the game and has some ramifications that you as the StarMade community should be aware of.

    The Chunk Update

    If you're unfamiliar with how our blocky universe is comprised, blocks are grouped into chunks. 16 x 16 x 16 cubes that are used to manage data in a more practical way. It influences everything from performance to lighting and everything in between and is one of the pieces that make up the backbone of the game.

    What's currently being worked on is an increase to the chunk size in order to improve performance. Chunk sizes will be changed from 16 x 16 x 16 to 32 x 32 x 32. This increases the number of blocks per chunk from approx 4k to 32k. This primarily will help reduce the number of requests and operations on large objects but will influence many other aspects of the game as well, improving everything from loading and even compressing. We estimate up to 50% increase in performance in some areas due to this change.

    What this will mean however is a major conversion period, and when rolled out could cause some significant downtime for servers. The converting is mostly for moving all blocks to the new chunk grid.

    For individual ship entities, the ship core was originally placed at coordinate 8 8 8 placing the ship core in the middle of a chunk. This meant that for smaller ships it could be possible to only require the...