Greetings Citizens, ~

    A new version has been released. Here are the full news: StarMade News - StarMade v0.199.651 - Fixes & Context Help

    Thanks for playing StarMade,

    ~ the Schine Team
    Hello players, ~

    We just uploaded a new prebuild to fix some bugs of the previous release, as well as some older bugs:

    ~ T2513: Old exploit fixed

    ~ T2510: OSX OpenGL crash

    ~ T2507: Connections and statistics not showing correctly - client issue that was always there, but became a lot more common because of the improved speed with chunk requesting.

    ~ T2500: Sorting in Main Menu Local Play Adv. Settings is by tooltip

    ~ T2498: Unable to lock symmetry plane in place with empty hotbar slot

    ~ T2495: false positive for “is waiting for docks” | “still needs entities to dock on it”

    ~ Fix for infinite stock shops

    Additionally a new “context help” has been added, replacing the old help keyboard list. it’s a lot less in the way and hides/shows information when needed:

    You can deactivate these “Keyboard HUD Icons” in the options menu - general.

    The prebuild will be loaded on the normal test server with server address

    If you want to test it, you can install the pre-build into another directory from your launcher.

    We are looking into making this a one click operation on a button “Play pre-build”, which would do all the steps necessary without endangering the player’s universe.

    Thanks for playing StarMade,

    ~ the Schine Team
    Hello players,

    a new update has been released.

    Read all about it here: StarMade News - StarMade v0.199.646 - Build Mode

    Thanks for playing StarMade,
    - The Schine Team
    Greetings, citizens ~

    This week it’s the Explorer’s turn, the 2nd part of our “End Goals document”.

    List of player roles:

    ~ Builder
    ~ Explorer
    ~ Industrialist
    ~ Trader
    ~ Fighter
    ~ Imperialist

    In the previous dev blog, there was some misconception on what our intentions were with these 6 player “roles”, we would like to clarify on that first.

    For us, the “roles” represent player archetypes, extremely one-sided examples of what a specific type of player might want to do. We use those mindsets or “roles” to determine what we can add to StarMade to make that area of gameplay possible as a whole, making each role an enjoyable experience on its own.

    Any everyday player will naturally fall under several roles and play the game however they want. These roles are not forced in any way, and are not even mentioned anywhere else outside the end goal document. They are just something we’re using internally to get structure in a long list of gameplay directions and features.


    In contrast with the Builder role, the exploration aspect of StarMade is currently not well developed. This role is for the players who like exploring a game world and uncovering mysteries, lore and interesting areas along their journey.

    Flying out and discovering different places in the universe is “exploration”, but so is exploring every gameplay aspect of the game.

    Not only do you find new places but also new block systems and how those influence your play style. However, we don’t have to delve deeper into this particular gameplay aspect, as it is already addressed in the “Builder” role and the following dev blogs.

    Here, we only focus on the game world and what it has to offer for the Explorer.

    Universe diversity

    Before throwing yourself into the unknown, you need something worth...​
    Greetings, citizens ~

    A few months ago, we planned to release our End-Goals document but never really got around to make a public version. As announced in the previous post, this dev blog contains the 1st part of our “End Goals” document.

    End Goals Introduction
    Our “End Goals” not a list of features. Although a simple feature list is useful to get an overview of what’s next, it is not a great way to show the public what our game is about and where we’re going with it. New feature ideas get added, changed or removed all the time which only makes it more important to not depend on them when we’re talking about the final product.

    Not to mention that as a player, you can only see what’s in the game right now and how that all ties together. You do not see what we want to achieve at the very end, making it impossible to give accurate feedback when the big picture is simply not there for you to see.

    When we talked about how to write this document, we simply put ourselves into a specific play role/play style, defining what we would like to be able to do in the finished game. Coming up with ideas was easy, but getting rid of just as many to form a solid, cohesive game was not. StarMade is after all, a sandbox game. A type of genre where you’re allowed to discover a complete world and do whatever you want.

    It’s unlikely that we’re going to change our end goals significantly, but the features leading up to it are subject to change. A destination often has multiple roads leading to it, which one we pick depends on our personal opinion and the community’s feedback on it.

    As for the document itself, we’ve divided it up into several player roles which coincidentally gives us some time to make a nicer public version of it as we can release it in parts. Of course at the end, we’ll bundle it up in a single thread so that you don’t have to piece it all together yourself.

    All of this is based on a base...​