Greetings, citizens ~

    A few months ago, we planned to release our End-Goals document but never really got around to make a public version. As announced in the previous post, this dev blog contains the 1st part of our “End Goals” document.

    End Goals Introduction
    Our “End Goals” not a list of features. Although a simple feature list is useful to get an overview of what’s next, it is not a great way to show the public what our game is about and where we’re going with it. New feature ideas get added, changed or removed all the time which only makes it more important to not depend on them when we’re talking about the final product.

    Not to mention that as a player, you can only see what’s in the game right now and how that all ties together. You do not see what we want to achieve at the very end, making it impossible to give accurate feedback when the big picture is simply not there for you to see.

    When we talked about how to write this document, we simply put ourselves into a specific play role/play style, defining what we would like to be able to do in the finished game. Coming up with ideas was easy, but getting rid of just as many to form a solid, cohesive game was not. StarMade is after all, a sandbox game. A type of genre where you’re allowed to discover a complete world and do whatever you want.

    It’s unlikely that we’re going to change our end goals significantly, but the features leading up to it are subject to change. A destination often has multiple roads leading to it, which one we pick depends on our personal opinion and the community’s feedback on it.

    As for the document itself, we’ve divided it up into several player roles which coincidentally gives us some time to make a nicer public version of it as we can release it in parts. Of course at the end, we’ll bundle it up in a single thread so that you don’t have to piece it all together yourself.

    All of this is based on a base...​
    Hello players,

    a pre-release has been uploaded. Read all about it here.

    The dev blog will follow as soon as it's finished.

    Thanks for playing StarMade,
    - the Schine Team
    Hello players, ~

    the next dev blog, along with our usual update on what we are working on, will feature end goal documents for StarMade. They are going to be spread out over multiple parts.

    It takes a bit to transfer the format and wording from our internal documents into something presentable to the public, so that is why it's taking a bit longer this week.

    thanks for playing StarMade,
    - the schine Team
    Greetings, citizens ~

    Here’s what we’ve been up to:

    Server Performance

    While looking into server performance, we noticed an issue with NPC Fleet Management: something is preventing the proper clean-up of spawned fleets. This has been causing some of the larger servers to experience mysterious performance issues recently. If you have a server and are encountering high response times for ship creation, or server-related ping spikes, this issue might be the cause. We are working on a fix for this, and are monitoring the problem. In the interim, you may want to manually wipe all NPC-Fleets from your server from time to time (once per week should suffice). You may do so by running the following command:

    /despawn_all FLTSHP all true

    However! Please warn your players before running this for the first time, as it may result in the server becoming unresponsive for several minutes. (Instances of cleaning up 150k to 300k ships are not uncommon, and that takes some time to process.)

    SQL in StarNet

    In one of the previous updates, we added the ability for server admins to query the server’s database directly via SQL. This is an incredibly powerful tool, and many server owners have taken advantage of it to create fancy features on their websites, write fine-tuned automated scripts, gather game metrics, etc. However, this functionality required us to inject the command directly into the console, and parse its reply -- not the cleanest or most direct approach. StarNet, our dedicated tool for this sort of thing, also lacked the permissions to do this. The next release will rectify this issue, giving StarNet the permissions it needs to both run SQL queries and get their output directly. This should give admins cleaner, easier access to the internals of their server’s database.

    Greetings, citizens ~

    We’ve added some exciting features this week, including a fill and line tool, and new rails. There’s also a new Advanced Build Mode GUI! Everything should be cleaner and much easier to access now. However, keep in mind that the layout and content is still a work in progress, and so may change significantly between builds. Over the next few days, we’ll tweak what each group contains and adjust how the tools work in order to streamline the experience.

    New dev build!
    This first dev build contains the core functionality of two new tools: the Fill Tool and the Line Tool. Both are available under the Shape Tools group.

    Fill Tool
    The fill tool allows you to incrementally fill (or replace) areas with your desired block. It’s quite simple to use: you can freely select your starting point with the camera (similar to ‘create docking’), and press the [Do Fill]* button with a block selected on your hotbar.

    * We are absolutely going to rename this later.

    The fill tool allows both space-filling and block-replacing, depending on what the starting point is. If it’s empty space, the tool will flood-fill; if it’s a block, only that block type will be replaced. Also: this is a step-based system, meaning undo and redo work, allowing you to easily fix any mistakes.

    For now, the filling process is done in a single step, and uses a fixed amount of blocks. We will change this over the next few builds to allow you to specify how many blocks to place at once, as well as allowing servers to impose their own limits to reduce server strain.

    We’ll be adding some optimizations to this in later builds.

    Screenshots below:
    Hollow torus made of crystal armor

    Filling the torus starting from the bottom


    Filling the shell of the torus with blue...