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    Hey there Citizens,

    We've been keeping an eye on all the great content you've been creating over the past year, and we've decided that we want to show it off to the world! In order to do that we're going to be updating our Steam Store Page with screenshots that you the players have taken! This isn't an official contest, just a chance for us to show off some of the great screenshots our players have taken during their time in StarMade.

    Any really cool screenshots you've taken will do, great cinematic shots of space battles, picturesque scenes on a planet, or you and your closest friends (or greatest enemies) locked in intense astronaut combat. Try to make sure they're fairly recent (post-rail update will do), but whatever you'd like to share we'd love to see, just be sure that it's purely an in-game screenshot. No mods, no editing in image manipulation software, just the game in it's purest form.

    Unfortunately we won't be able to use every screenshot we see, and we want to put them up fairly soon, so all players will have one week to get their screenshots shared. So by 11:59 GMT Monday June 20th we won't be accepting any more. To submit your screenshots just reply to this thread with the images and we'll check them out. We're all looking forward to seeing what you've got!

    Thanks for playing!
    The Schine Team
    there have been some fixes yesterday, and also just now:
    • Fixed issue where "Play in Background" isn't shown on the automatically played intro video
    • Fixed issue where F8 didn't open the Tutorial Selection Screen
    • Fixed backside of angled shapes being drawn, even if adjacent to an opaque face
    • Fixed wedges side triangles being drawn both in transparency and opaque (rest of the angled shapes will follow soon)
    • Fixed crash on mac when playing any video

    This is just a build change, and doesn't increase version, so servers don't need to update.

    thanks for playing StarMade,
    - schema
    Hello players,

    a new version has just been released.

    Read the full news here: StarMade News - StarMade v0.198.146Tutorial Videos & New Lighting

    Thanks for playing StarMade,
    - schema and the Schine Team
    We're finally back with another Dev Blog! What an exciting few months we've had. Let's catch up on what's happened, what's coming in the future, and gather your input on a couple things. We'll start things off by turning back the clocks and looking at what has happened since our last Dev Blog in February.

    Fleets & Carriers

    March saw the release of Fleets and Carriers, introducing a number of cool new features like being able to give basic commands to a fleet, recall them to the flagship, as well as the additional of a couple new rail blocks enabling players to design their own docking mechanisms. If you want to catch up on what came in that update then click here.

    Massive Bug Fix Period

    April gave us a number of rounds of bug fixing as we addressed a number of lingering issues and bugs that plagued the game. A number of game enhancements were addressed as well, for example the ability for the build helper to remember the previous settings. There have been so many things addressed, for the lists check here (Round 1, Round 2, Round 3).

    Fleet Build Contest

    Near the end of April we announced a Fleet Build contest to the community and the response has been amazing, not just in that we've received 71 fleet submissions but even the quality of them. There's still time to submit as the contest will close June 21st, 1:00AM UTC so...

    Greetings Citizens,

    Thanks to all who applied and voted in this term's Council election! Without further ado, here are Term 3's Councillors.

    In alphabetical order:

    Welcome back keptickkeptick , Megacrafter127Megacrafter127 , Sven_The_SlayerSven_The_Slayer , and ToasterBorstToasterBorst . Also, congratulations to our first term Councillor FlyingDebrisFlyingDebris !

    Graphical Round Stats
    Google Sheets Round Stats

    We will also be providing other stats on this term's election in the coming few days.

    To find out more about the Council, head over to Intergalactic Council

    Best of luck to this term's councillors and thanks for playing StarMade,

    - The Schine Team