Mar 10, 2016
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    Altered the barrel and logic design, and released the thing. Opted for a bit less realism, for the sake of simpler circuitry and higher fire rate.

    Check out the shooting test GIF at the download page: Model-129 space revolver

    Here's what's different compared to the previous design (on previous page):

    Design #1 featured a tight-fit barrel, so the bullets would've rubbed against its inner surfaces, which necessitated invisible shootout rails to guide the bullets all the way out of the barrel. This meant that any cylinder movement should've been disallowed after firing and until the bullet went through the full lenght of its long shootout rail (because the rail is fixed to the cylinder, so it would try to move together with the cylinder, but the not-ghost-like bullet on it would collide with the barrel's inner wall). Design #2 has an unrealistically spacious barrel, while the shootout rails end right outside the chamber openings, so they can be rotated right after firing.

    Finalized logic:

    In real revolvers, drawing back the hammer, or just pulling the trigger (which also cocks the hammer in double-action designs) results in the cylinder spinning one step. Only after this rotation does firing occur. This was accurate but messy in design #1, inverted in #2, but then reverted in #3, because I found a good, simple solution. Now the rail/logic setup autorotates the cylinder one second before firing.

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