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    Jul 22, 2014
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    My obligatory plandemic isolation/lock-down, build.

    Guess this is my way of hoping we'll get some kind of update before I reach retirement age...

    Guardian Class
    - Manufacturer: Nexus Inc.
    - Type: Heavy Escort
    - Role: System Defense, Fleet Escort
    - Armament: Guided Missiles, Point Defense, High Energy Laser (Prototype)
    - Special equipment: Inertial Stabilizers (Prototype)
    - Length 147 m
    - Mass: 19,000

    New destroyer 2.JPG New destroyer 4.JPG New destroyer 3.JPG New destroyer 5.JPG New destroyer.JPG
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    Dr. Whammy

    Executive Constructologist of the United Star Axis
    Jul 22, 2014
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    The Whammy is still alive and still "mildly" addicted to Starmade. However, I find that my style of building no longer fits the direction this game is headed. As a result, I've taken this time to begin my own mod to allow for greater creative freedom and more realistic builds and play scenarios than what is currently possible in the current version of the game. As always, my focus is on creative freedom with emphasis on PVE content, geared toward small-medium builds but will allow for the capacity for PVP or RP as desired. It should be noted that this is in no way meant to compete with vanilla Starmade or Quickfire or to anticipate Schine's undisclosed future development path. This is an individual alternative path for the game based on my most enjoyable survival and multiplayer experiences. If anyone is interested in my research into these configs, whether you're Schine, QF or a just someone trying to get into basic modding, PM me and we can discuss what I've learned so far.

    From this point forward, all my builds will be constructed under and operate within the following modified configs...

    1) No more stabilizers: Last year, I downloaded a QuickFire config in which stabilizers were not needed for full reactor power. I mentioned this to the team and didn't get an explanation. I've since discovered the cause but decided that with the distance requirements gone, they really don't serve a purpose. So they are to be permanently excluded from this mod and all related builds.

    2) Weapon sizes are more realistic: Both weapon damage and their energy consumption have been substantially increased. I left the mass of all blocks and the power generation of reactor blocks alone. This allows for more smaller, more realistic sized weapons and turrets. On this mod, it will no longer take repeated hits from a missile launcher the size of an apartment building to shoot down something the size of an F-15. Likewise, your F-15 will be able to carry ordnance that can noticeably affect shields and armor (within reason). I've also made some speed and tracking modifications for missiles to make them more effective against fighters and lowered their HP (for now). I've increased AI turret tracking/acquisition speeds. This speed increase combined with the increase in firepower allows for smaller turrets builds; helping to negate that bug where they start to fire off center and lose their target lock.

    3) Buffed defenses: In the main stream game builds, basic hull has no armor value despite having 400 HP. As a result, even very low damage weapons like a small C/C gun can shred basic hull with near-unlimited penetration. I've fixed this error by giving all unarmored blocks an armor value of "1" rather than "0". Now weapons must deplete a block's HP before it is destroyed and a very slight armor bonus is applied as the hull thickens. This affects terrain and decorative blocks as well, incentivising decoration. I've restored shields to their previous recharge/capacity ratio of 1:5 to better allow for either regen-tanking (good vs high DPS weapons) or capacity buffers (good vs alpha weapons). Given the general increase in damage for all weapons, it is more difficult to defeat both DPS and Alpha weapons in the same build without a significant size advantage or sacrifice in mobility or firepower.

    4) (In progress) I intend to fix beams: there was an oversight (not sure if they addressed it) where B/C was incredibly overpowered due to an improper cooldown value. This oversight allows you to use the damage of a standard beam with the full value of a B/C (nearly instantaneous) cooldown by adding only a cannon computer. Likewise; B/M has a similar issue but in reverse. It requires a full 30 second cooldown, regardless of how many (or how few) missile secondary blocks you add.

    5 (Under Consideration) I'm looking at changing the reactor HP settings. My changes would add HP to virtually all ship blocks with more being given to reactor and chamber components. This is intended to eliminate the abuse of thick armor as well as the ability of a ship to continue to fight with the front 3/4 missing. When this change is complete, a ship will lose reactor HP when it takes damage, regardless of where it's hit. Striking reactor-related components will serve as "critical hits"; dealing bigger blows to the ship's overall reactor HP pool, while reducing power generation. The effect will be similar to the old "system HP" system from previous versions of StarMade.

    6) Most ships I build under this new format will have areas designated for crew and cargo. This is for my own personal aesthetics, PVE/RP value and to support the previously announced crew update from Schine. It will not be a hard requirement for other players; should they try out this mod at some point.

    There's more to come and this entry will be updated as the project progresses.

    With that out of the way, it's time to give you what you came here for...

    Pathfinder Class
    - Manufacturer: Nexus Inc. Fairborne Naval Systems.
    - Type: Multipurpose
    - Role: Medium Transport, System Defense, Fleet Escort
    - Armament: Plasma Torpedoes, Phalanx Turrets, High Energy Gauss Cannon (Prototype)
    - Special equipment: Long range Jump Drive (Prototype), Enhanced Deflectors, Sensor Pulse, Fighter Bay.
    - Length 107 meters
    - Mass: 5,000

    The Pathfinder is back; rebuilt from scratch to fit this new config. Being originally based on a transport ship, I've given the unit a decent sized cargo bay; capable of holding a single fighter or dropship. This model's primary weapons are AI controlled to allow for player use but can be easily reconfigured for use as an AI fleet craft.
    Current Pathfinder 1.JPG Current Pathfinder 2.JPG
    Deploying the dropship. This version of the Pathfinder has a transponder that allows the crew of the dropship to activate its docking system to allow it to return to the bay. Alternately, the crew of the pathfinder can recall the dropship via the fleet command; "carrier recall". I've minimized the amount of logic on this craft to prevent chunk-draw errors when multiple pathfinders are nearby.

    Current dropship1.jpg
    Close up of the dropship. Inspired by the MV-22 Osprey, the UD-4 Cheyenne dropship (Aliens) and the DR-4 Viking (Starship Troopers),
    this unit has tilting VTOL thrusters that pivot when when the craft lands. It also has a pickup point to collect or deploy an external cargo pod. Both the craft and the pod can carry additional personnel, supplies or small ground vehicles.

    Excalibur Class (WIP)
    - Manufacturer: Nexus Inc. Fairborne Naval Systems
    - Type: Light Aircraft Carrier
    - Role: Command and control, Aircraft Staging Complex, Mobile HQ
    - Armament: Guided Missile Batteries
    - Aircraft Carried: 5 internal, 6 Close Formation Defensive Fighters, (external magnetic suspension docking points)
    - Length 225 meters
    - Mass: 10,000
    New Carrier 3.JPG New Carrier 1.JPG New Carrier 2.JPG
    Fighter Launch Sequence. All air/space craft have a small amount of logic installed that activates their thruster lighting on launch and deactivates them upon landing/docking.

    Fairborne Station (WIP)
    - Builder: Fairborne Naval Systems
    - Type: Spaceport
    - Length 301 meters
    - Mass: 17,000
    Space Port New 1.jpg
    This station was specifically built for the Excalibur Class. In this configuration, it can dock 2 of them as well as 22 additional air/spacecraft. In this picture, you get 2, 3 cameos; a modified Customized Star Destroyer (WIP), our buddy "Opa Opa" from the classic Sega game "Fantasy Zone" and an R-Gray 1 from the top-down PS1 shooter Raystorm.

    - Manufacturer: Unknown
    - Type: Unknown; possible warship
    - Role: Unknown
    - Observed Armament: High Energy Neutron Beam Weapon, Guided Plasma/Energy Weapons, Small Particle Beam Turrets (point defense?)
    - Special Ability: Invisible to radar.
    - Length: Approximately 110 meters
    - Mass: Approximately 5,000
    Alien Med Ship 1.JPG
    Alien Med Ship 3.JPG Alien Med Ship 2.JPG
    Observed near the outer rim of the galaxy, this unidentified craft and others like it are responsible for the destruction of several Axis fighter craft and transport ships. It has an extremely powerful beam weapon which can neutralize the shields of a Pathfinder class ship in a single burst, as well as the means to deal with missiles, drones and fighters. The craft's origin is unknown and all attempts at communication have been met with hostility. Avoid contact and immediately report all sightings to the Star Axis department of system defense.
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    Are the "edges" of your ships intentional? Because there are methods to smooth those angles out and create a more cohesive armored plating.