1. Hi, we have migrated servers and have done some backend reconfiguration. If you experience any issues, please report it in the "SMD Discussion" forum.
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    StarMade now has entered the stage of versions.
    Why didn't it have versions before? Well, since I was the only one playing the game and the server wasn't checking for the client's version, there was no need for that. I had a quasi-version system by buildnumber up until now.
    Servers will now check the version of the client that is trying to connect, and deny it if the versions differ. Also there will soon be a help page available that will contain more detailed information on how to play the game.

    Have fun with the first Version 0.01!

    StarMade is launching it first MiniGame: Team DeathStar Match

    The goal of the mini game is to eliminate the enemy death star. More information will soon be available.
    Try it out: www.star-made.org/download

    Also there is now a dedicated server running under the address: star-made.org:4242