This update adds Sound to StarMade.

    I implemented the sound system and architecture for 3D Sound, and although I already placed sounds for the most important aspects of the game, there is still a lot of sounds coming in future updates. The game now has a lot more atmosphere.
    I also fixed some critical bugs and added a button for the Launcher to directly start up a dedicated server. Please download the latest StarMade-Launcher @

    Changes from Version 0.023 to 0.024

    • [GENERAL] fixed a bug that would crash the game under certain circumstances

    • [GENERAL] improved stability of parallel segment requests

    • [SOUND] implemented Sound into StarMade. There are already some sounds set in the game, but there still much to come

    • [SOUND] added option in startup screen for volume and to disable sound

    • [GENERAL] split the 32 and 64 libraries into seperate folders because the sound lib (OpenAL) had problems loading the right one

    • [SERVER] added option to start dedicated server from updater
    This is a pretty big update.

    Here's a short summary:

    • The game should run a lot more stable, especially because of the Database updates and a lag-bugfix.

    • Most significant for players are the updates in [General], [Balancing] and [Graphics]. The shading of the Block meshes is now much smoother without having to invest any extra performance.

    • When you select objects, only their name is now displayed (without that other useless info). Selected ships will also display a list of players that are currently inside it.

    • Thrusters and Harvest Beams are now groupable. Also, all ships have now a mass that directly affects the thrust (the bigger your ship, the more thrust you need). Shields will now consume power.

    • The compatibility errors from the shield hit shader should now be fixed (for everyone who had to disable it)

    Full list Changes and Updates from 0.022 to 0.023:

    • [CLIENT] Graphics: much smoother lighting with zero impact on performance

    • [CLIENT] Graphics: if the output of a thruster or weapon is blocked by another element, the exhaust plum would not draw (saving unnecessary drawing time)

    • [CLIENT] Graphics: all effects and particle systems now supporting frustum culling (means: effects can be ruled out before drawing, if they are not 'on screen')

    • [CLIENT] UI: Team Deathstar Match. The indicator for your own team's death star will now always be drawn, no mater how far away you are for it (prevents, that players get lost in space)

    • [CLIENT] Graphics: Fixed the shield hit shader to be more compatible with ATI and some older graphics cards

    • [BALANCING] Weapon capabilities (Speed, Reload, Distance, Damage) will now grow much faster with the sie of grouped elements

    • [GENERAL] fixed very ugly bug that caused lags (in single as well as multiplayer) when certain element positions got...
    The loading of the game environment has been increased significantly, because multiple parts of the world can now be loaded from the server at once instead of having to wait for each segment. More information about this update is in
    I Added an automatic Crash & Bug Report Tool, that let's the player (if he chooses to) automatically submit his log filed, Graphic Card information, Java Verson, and OS version with one click. This Information will only be used to fix bugs in StarMade and will never go to a third person.

    Also, the Launcher now version 2: I Fixed a bug where after installing a new Version, the launcher would still say, that there is a new Version available

    And there is a little change in balancing: Batteries (PowerGenerators) now will recharge much faster. It's now exponential instead of linear times the size of the grouped Battery Elements
    StarMade now has it's own Updater. It will automatically track the current version of your StarMade installation, and you can update to the newest Version in one Click. It will also back up your current installation so you won't be in danger of losing any of your StarSade data

    The Updater also serves as a universal launcher, so the specific Windows, Mac and Linux startup scripts are no longer needed. This is a relief especially for mac users, who had a hard time starting up the game.