Hello and welcome to StarMade,
    With this update I'm finally introducing my concept of gravity into the game. Also, you can now export and import your ship blueprints into files, which you can share with your friends. Also, it's now possible to upload your blueprints to any server you are playing on, so you always have your full arsenal of weaponry available, not matter where you go.

    I have thought long about how to integrate gravity into StarMade, and I finally came up with a unique idea, that is easy to understand and to apply:
    I was thinking, since I'm using blocks for every effect in the world, why not use blocks for gravity.
    So I'm introducing the Gravity Module into the game.

    The Gravity Module
    This module can be set on any block structure in the StarMade world. It's effects are pretty simple: If you activate one of those modules from outside your ship, you will gain gravity and fall to the ground. This effect is only valid within the structure where the gravity module was placed on. If you jump off the edge of the structure, you will loose the gravity effect and start to float in space again. Right now, there is only one direction (down) available, but as soon as I activate module orientation, all 6 possible ways of gravity becomes available. Also, at the moment, the gravity and character-on-ground-physics will not yet adapt to flying objects.
    There will soon be a way to affix a ship to a space station so you can build it from the ground with scaffolding and everything you need.

    Catalog sharing
    The catalog now has a few more options to make sharing much more easier than before.

    You can now export single ships from your catalog to a compressed file, so you can send it to your friends without any trouble

    The exported files can be imported into your catalog from a natural file choosing dialog.

    Since you probably want to test your creations against other players or in coop mode, it's now possible to...
    I just released a new Version with 2 Bugfixes. One was a simple crash, that could happen in the weapon assignment panel.
    The other on of them being a long known but not reproducible bug, that caused the server to freeze. This bug happened very rarely and only in remote multiplayer games before. My intention was, that it had something to do with explosions or rockets. With the release of the explosion module, this bug finally became reproducible as players were testing it out.
    I was able to finally debug and trace the bug, and it turns out, that my first intention was only partially right. The error occurred with explosions, but only if someone dies in an explosion. I always tried reproducing the bug shooting more and more missiles at structures (not players), and that always worked even with bigger numbers of missiles. A misplaced health check in the server synchronization routine caused a deadlock, when the server was receiving an update at the same time.

    I'm very happy, that I was finally able to fix this one.
    thanks for playing,
    - schema
    Hello and welcome to StarMade,
    The new Version introduces three all new modules into the arsenal of your ships. The Cloaking module, the Radar Jammer and the Explosive module.

    The new Modules
    These new modules were suggestions by people who played the game.

    The Cloaking Module
    This module has the unique feature, that it will make your ship invisible for an amount of time. The duration of invisibility is determined by the count of cloaking modules on your ship. You will instantly uncloak however if you use any weapon, or get hit. It can be used like a weapon controller and will appear in the weapon assignment panel.

    The Radar Jammer
    This module works similar to the cloaking module with the difference, that it will remove the HUD indicator for all other players for an amount of time. So using the cloaking module and the Radar Jammer in combination will give players the opportunity, to launch surprise attacks on their enemies, or escape a dangerous situation.

    The Explosive Module
    This should be a fun one. Put it on your ship and it will explode on contact with any other block structure. Naturally the target as well as yourself will take huge damage.
    Sounding odd at first, the module has a huge tactical value. For example you can stick it on a 'pole' in front of your ship, so your ship is not within the blast radius. Also, you could build mines or just suicide into the death star.

    Keep in mind that the balance and price of all modules will change soon. They are pretty cheap at the moment, but that is just to make it easier to try them out.

    Noteworthy Bug Fixes and Changes

    • Fixed Camera and targeting if ship has been entered on an controller to rotate with the ship.

    • Players can now enter every controller.

    • Fixed crash that happened when player puts a controller on something other then a ship and trying to enter it.

    • Thrust is now limited to 50

    • Saved ships were marked as not for sale per default

    • Fixed bug that...
    Hello and welcome to StarMade.
    This update features some important Bug fixes, tools as well as the promised new Game Mode "Coop Death Star"

    The new Game Mode: Coop Death Star
    This game mode is in short words "survive all enemy waves". Every 5 minutes, a new wave will jump to your system and try to eliminate your precious death star. Get some friends together and fight the enemy together or engage the enemy alone. And this is just part of the fun.

    Create your own ships to be used in the enemy waves
    You can create any type or form of ship to be your enemy. Build some mighty destroyers and watch your friends getting destroyed by masses of your creations.The waves come in different difficulty levels. The later the wave, the higher the level of the wave. While Level 1 only uses the cheapest ships in your catalog, the last wave will use the most expensive ships available. But don't worry, you are save to build your ship within shop distance. The enemy won't attack you there.
    There is also a new admin-command available for testing: /initiate_wave <level> <spawncount>

    More Complex AI

    • The AI now won't attack players, that are near any Shop. This allows the players, to build their ships in peace. The enemy will however attack your death star in the meantime, and possibly winning the round by destroying it.

    • The enemy AI will now react to player aggression.

      Shooting an enemy will produce instant aggression and the enemy will attack you.

    • Being near an enemy for too long might end in aggression towards you

    • If you are pursued by an enemy because of aggression, you might escape if you are far away from that enemy for a period of time

    The AI now also attacks players without ships

    New Tools
    There have been two more tools added to StarMade for easier access and management:

    Database BackUp and Reset Tool
    It's now possible to reset the universe with only one click. You can also choose to...
    In the past two days I manly fixed issues of people sending in crash and bug reports. I'm doing my best to get it run for as many people as possible, so I'm taking error reports very serious, and almost every report is replied to personally.

    Furthermore I refined the Artificial Intelligence even more.
    As I was implementing the AI I noticed what an awesome tool for benchmarking StarMade now exists. The possibility to load any number or shape of enemy ships suddenly created a whole new field of applications for me.

    As a control test I build myself a simple ship with two beam weapons attached to it. They all had the same mission: To search and destroy the enemy death star.

    Fixing Memory Leaks
    My first test went rather disappointing. At first I got mediocre framerates when the ships were flying through space with almost no collisions, but the rate sunk to about 4, when the ships started attacking. Also the 100 ships had the memory rising to over one gigabyte which is absolutely inacceptable.
    So I used a Java profiler called VisualVM (which is very awesome) to analyze, where all the memory has gone.
    Long story short, I managed to fix some serious memory leaks and now, StarMade only uses 20% of the memory it used before. Also the memory now scales quite well, and only gets larger, if more ships are loaded.

    Increasing performance
    Despite fixing the memory leaks, the performance of my benchmark was still at about 10 fps, when all ships were attacking and firing at the death star. So I used the profiler once more, only this time to find calculations that slowed down the game. I used some tricky stuff and some caches to boost the performance in a lot of places.

    As I benchmarked once more, the poor 10 fps from before now have become a solid 60 fps.

    General thoughts about some Game Play aspects
    I'm still figuring out, what kind of balance the destruction of cores would result. My original thought was to be able to steal ships by damaging the...