In the past two days I manly fixed issues of people sending in crash and bug reports. I'm doing my best to get it run for as many people as possible, so I'm taking error reports very serious, and almost every report is replied to personally.

    Furthermore I refined the Artificial Intelligence even more.
    As I was implementing the AI I noticed what an awesome tool for benchmarking StarMade now exists. The possibility to load any number or shape of enemy ships suddenly created a whole new field of applications for me.

    As a control test I build myself a simple ship with two beam weapons attached to it. They all had the same mission: To search and destroy the enemy death star.

    Fixing Memory Leaks
    My first test went rather disappointing. At first I got mediocre framerates when the ships were flying through space with almost no collisions, but the rate sunk to about 4, when the ships started attacking. Also the 100 ships had the memory rising to over one gigabyte which is absolutely inacceptable.
    So I used a Java profiler called VisualVM (which is very awesome) to analyze, where all the memory has gone.
    Long story short, I managed to fix some serious memory leaks and now, StarMade only uses 20% of the memory it used before. Also the memory now scales quite well, and only gets larger, if more ships are loaded.

    Increasing performance
    Despite fixing the memory leaks, the performance of my benchmark was still at about 10 fps, when all ships were attacking and firing at the death star. So I used the profiler once more, only this time to find calculations that slowed down the game. I used some tricky stuff and some caches to boost the performance in a lot of places.

    As I benchmarked once more, the poor 10 fps from before now have become a solid 60 fps.

    General thoughts about some Game Play aspects
    I'm still figuring out, what kind of balance the destruction of cores would result. My original thought was to be able to steal ships by damaging the...
    Progress: AI

    I've been working on an Artificial Intelligence structure for the past few days. The idea is to have an efficient method to automatically control big numbers of ships from the AI module on the server.
    I love making AI, because the feeling you get, when for the first time your own 'creation' comes after you is indescribable. StarMade now supports about 80+ individual AI-Entities on state-of-the-art computers without trouble.
    The first AI behavior I created is a simple 'Search-And-Destroy' algorithm:
    Search for a target -> get to the target -> eliminate target
    The algorithm also includes basic evading of other objects, so ships wouldn't get stuck on asteroids or other structures, and have overall a better cloud behavior.
    In the later stages, I added functions for the AI to attack structures of any size. Here is a picture of a Deathstar, which is getting attacked by about 50 AI ships

    Mod your own ship to fight against as an AI
    The nice thing is, that you can use any ship you created as an AI. Build some fast interceptors, heavy bombers, or tanks and test their fighting ability against yourself or other of your creations with AI.

    How to test the new AI
    At the moment I have implemented the structure and basics of the AI system, but there is no real integration in the game yet. Integration of this structure will become the focus on the new mode "Coop-Deathstar", which will be released in a few days.

    New Mode: Coop-Deathstar
    This new mode will feature the new AI system. You and your friends are given a certain amount of time and credits to build up your ship. If the time runs out, the next wave of enemies will attack your base. The shop will be a save haven, where enemies will not attack you. However, the shop will be far enough away from your base, so you...
    This version has a few critical fixes for Server and Client.

    Full changelog from Version 0.046 to 0.047

    • [GENERAL][BUG] Fixed bug that could cause the client as well as the server to crash

    • [GENERAL][BUG] Fixed bug, that messed up the indications and UI in a multiplayer game

    • [SHADER][BUG] Updated shader for graphics cards (Intel) that could not handle the modulo sign

    • [SHADER][BUG] Updated shader for graphics cards (Intel) that threw a compile error, when "Fragment shader reads from a tex coord index which the vertex shader does not write to."

    • [GRAPHICS][BUG] Fixed muzzle flash to only display, when something is actually fired.

    • [GRAPHICS][BUG] Fixed muzzle flash to be at the exact position of the weapon's output.
    This update introces the a ship catalog. Players can save their creations there and just buy them for the price of all elements used in that ship. The catalog can be access in the shop. To upload a ship to the catalog, you have to be inside a ship and near the shop; then a "save" button will appear in the shop-catalog panel.

    Full changelog from 0.045 to 0.046

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] added admin command to save ships as blueprint in a catalog

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] added admin command to list all saved ships in catalog

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] added admin command to load and place a saved ship from the catalog in the game

    • [UI][FEATURE] added catalog sub-option in shop

    • [UI][FEATURE] added catalog UI to save to and buy from the ship catalog

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] added functionality to buy whole ship at the shop (connections inclusive)