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    The Gmodism Industries [ GI ]

    Discussion in 'Shipyard' started by Gmodism, Oct 21, 2016.

    1. Gmodism

      Feb 1, 2015

      Welcome to the official page for Gmodism Industries on the most popular online market in cosmos.
      The Gmodism Industries [ GI ]
      We are a multigalactic megacorporation active in a multiple trades and markets.
      Our motto is Quality and Innovation as we strive to create the best technological solutions with cutting edge research, but never at the expense of quality and reliability. To the general public citizens, we are most known for our protection assets and designs, turrets, and transportation vessels ranging from our classic spacebike designs to long distance JumpShips.


      Homepage: gmodismindustries
      YouTube: Gmodism Total Nerdery Channel
      All Blueprints:
      - Resources from Gmodism
      - Resources from xaubercrow

      The Codex File offers a concise summary of the history of GI:

      Currently Featured Gmodism Industries Assets:

      BATTLE ASSETS is a collection of designs that form battle or defensive units. Targeted to associations and individuals that search defensive and offensive powers and battle-solutions. These designs are built to be powerful, but still have exquisite designing and enjoyable features. These vessels can be combined to the any fleet size and the ships are built to cooperate well in battle.

      *Pinhead Field Interceptor

      ROYAL FLEET, Kungliga Flottiljen is a collection of vessels aimed at high officials and nobles to be utilized for missions of great diplomatic worth and ceremonial uses. While relaying on ancient designs and classic high-calibre weaponry, they are still updated with the latest technology under the surface. GI Royal Fleet will certainly radiate your majesty and leave the bystanders in awe or blasted to bits.

      TRANSPORTATION The Gmodism Industries have created transportation for the public since very early on, after buying personal vehicle companies back on old earth, the GI is well known in most systems for the everyday vessels people use. From the brand of selection for the Centauri Riders (Spacebiker club) to JumpShips for the everyday long distance commuter. As some need space for their cargo in their smuggling personal business, or live in a more dangerous unstable sector, we also offer appropriate ships under the freelancer section.

      GI_Chromo Spacebike
      GI_Space-Vovlo SPORT

      MINING AND CARGO TRANSPORT. The backbone of space civilisation depends on the honourable miners and heavy industry workers, we develop reliable and trustworthy vessels for mining, freighting and utility that everyone needs.

      *GI_Boxxy Salvage Drone
      GI Engineer Skin:
      GI Standard Engineer Suit

      TEMPLATES The template section offers valuable resources and prefabrications in order to quickly set up a base or framework for ships. From full modular packages to simple basic building blocks and scaffolds. Even carefully designed interior units are provided.
      Prefab Templates:
      GHI Elevator Template Pack With Simple Set-Up
      GHI_Modular Templates and Interiors

      GHI_Hangar Doors for "MODULAR TEMPLATES"

      GHI Structural Blocks S7BP
      GHI_Scaffolding Templates Pack

      TURRETS AND AMS-SOLUTIONS Perfects and develops turrets to create the most powerful and most compact designs for a variety of uses. Defensive turrets are our backbone but attack turrets are provided for instalment on warships and battlestations.

      GI_Turret_AMS Quadlos PLUS
      GI_Turret AMS Kaurix
      GI_Turret_AMS Banisher
      GI_Turret_AMS Banisher Compaq
      GI_Turret_AMS Phalanxus BASIC
      GI_Turret_AMS Jane

      GI_Turret Cb-OD Marksman

      Docked Guns:
      GI_Rotary Missile System

      - In Gmodism Industries we always make effort to strive towards Quality and Innovation.
      That is our motto.

      The Gmodism Industries is Classifying ships depending one the block count and function.
      We believe this is the most fair way to class ship. As long as the game is set in Alpha or Beta phase we will also use block count to measure weapon systems, as damage output and more is a subject to change as the game develops and gets balanced.

      We define weapons with letters:

      B, b - Beam
      C, c - Cannon
      M, m - Missile

      The small letters is used to describe support systems, for example Mb: Missile-Beam: Lock-on missile. Effects are described with an abbreviation.
      The ratio is written after the support system or effect, in percent using a number from 1 to 100, ex: Cc40-K30: is the technical name for a Cannon with 40% Cannon support, and a kinetic effect ratio of 30%.

      List of effect abbreviations:
      K: Kinetic Effect
      E: Electro Magnetic Effect
      H: Heat Effect

      We use the term "Weapon Size" to measure it's strength of weapons the fairest way possible, by block count. The block count always include all systems in the weapon itself, that is Main system, Support system and Effect. The weapon size is specified in our technical description at the end of the weapon code within parentheses; ex:
      Bb100-H10(2400) = Beam-beam 100% ratio with Heat Effect of 10%, total block size is 2400 blocks.


      Enjoy your stay, and we hope you will have great experience with our designs!
      Gmodism Industries - Quality and Innovation.

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    2. Gasboy

      Gasboy BLRP

      Aug 11, 2013
      You are one person who should have had a shipyard here a long while back. :) Awesome now that you're here!
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    3. Gmodism

      Feb 1, 2015
      Bock Based Class Guidelines:

      Shuttle Class (role class)
      Miner / Salvager (role class)
      Transporter / Freighter (role class)
      JumpShip Class (role class)

      Scout Class (role class)
      Drones (AI piloted craft)
      Dimensional Submarine / Stealth Ship (role class)

      Light Fighter Class (100 - 700 Blocks)
      Medium Fighter Class (700 - 2000)
      Heavy Fighter / Bomber Class (2000 - 4000 Blocks)

      Corvette Class (4000 - 7500 Blocks)
      Frigate Class (7500 - 20.000 Blocks)
      Destroyer Class (~20.000 Manoeuvrable)
      Cruiser Class (20.000 - 50.000 Blocks)
      Battlecruiser Class (~50.000 Blocks)
      Dreadnought Class (50.000 - 300.000 Blocks - Heavy Calibre)
      Battleship Class (50.000 - 300.000 Blocks)
      Titan Class (300.000 - 1.000.000 Blocks)
      Deus Class (1.000.000 - 5.000.000 Blocks)

      +The wisdom of the chart!
      ship chart.png
      Partly Source: Ship Classification
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    4. Gasboy

      Gasboy BLRP

      Aug 11, 2013
      Yeah, that's a pretty decent way of rating a ship. :)
    5. Gmodism

      Feb 1, 2015
      Yes it is a neat way, added some ship classes that I missed, did I forgot a cool one pleas say! This way is so good as it is ever valid, block count is the true way I think :)
    6. Gasboy

      Gasboy BLRP

      Aug 11, 2013
      Well, a few of the classes on the chart are unlikely to be utilized. And I think things like titans and larger ships are basically useless, even on the most robust of servers. And dreadnoughts are battleships, so really, only one of those classes need exist. :P
    7. Gmodism

      Feb 1, 2015
      Ah, I see, well indeed but there are big ships, and we plan to build a titan down the line for sure! well this is a list of things that we can make.
      You are right that dreadnoughts are battleships, well dreadnoughts was first, but thing is dreadnought sounds cooler, why it is inserted in the list. However, referring to dreadnought facts, I imagen that a slower battleship armed with few but powerful guns (high calier....) would be called a dreadnought, or at lease in GI :)
    8. Gasboy

      Gasboy BLRP

      Aug 11, 2013
      Nuuu. Battleships came first. Dreadnoughts revolutionized battleships by having all big-gun armament, in a time when gunnery duels were taking place at longer and longer ranges. Then came super-dreadnoughts, of which the South Carolina was the first, where all the turrets were super-firing. After that came fast battleships, as battlecruisers fell out of favour. :)
    9. Madman198237

      Feb 25, 2016
      Actually, USS Michigan and USS South Carolina came before (I believe) HMS Dreadnought herself. Dreadnought was built in record time, with some improved machinery, and all-big-gun-armament (Which was, I think, actually pioneered by the US. But I could be mistaken). In reality, however, Dreadnought was a capable but not superb vessel. However, it was seen as a revolution, and so it became known as better than the "pre-dreadnought" battleships.

      THEN came battlecruisers, which the British design to shoot up cruisers and count enemy battleships....and commanders subsequently used as "moar battleships, guys". Anyway.

      Fast battleships came more as a result of advancements in machinery that allowed for the increase in speed (And lengthened hulls to carry larger and larger armaments).
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    10. StarWars1981

      Mar 31, 2016
      Super-dreadnoughts were actually the HMS Dreadnought successors with 13.5in guns. The original Dreadnought and her sister classes, Neptune and Colossus, had 12in guns.
      The USS Michigan (completed before the USS SC, the nameship of the class) was the first to mount superimposed main turrets. The change was made to increase firepower and get more hits at longer ranges: the number of guns was upped to 8 main guns. They was designed, ordered, and almost finished before Dreadnought; however, Britain's shipyards were significantly faster.
      Battlecruisers were a bad idea; nobody thought of anything beyond "big cruiser with big guns, that can take out enemy cruisers with ease". The other part of a cruiser's job, patrolling/raiding commerce, was overlooked. And the fact that commanders lumped them with battleships (i.e. Jutland, see HMS Invincible's fate; although her contribution was vital, Admiral Hood's crew need not have died if resources had been spent on magazine safety rather than more ships) did not help the poorly armored vessels.
      However, this is SM, not real life (although I have a book all about battleships; I like this stuff), so "battlecruiser" is a perfectly valid ship to build until you build it and find that (if you build it according to its general characteristics in real life) it isn't valid.
      Looking cool.
    11. Gmodism

      Feb 1, 2015
      Indeed I did not have the old battleships in mind, just meant the modern ones that exceeded the dreadnoughts, but thanks for clearing things up!! ^_^
      Ship classification is a real minefield with wide range of opinions, and as this is starmade the classes will not be that accurate to old earth naval ship classes, we however want a system that makes us tell them apart in a way people can refer to.
      I think the block count is the best way to measure the ships. :)
    12. Gasboy

      Gasboy BLRP

      Aug 11, 2013
      The all big gun battleship was being discussed in naval circles around 1900, with Britain, Japan and the US all planning and building them. The Japanese would have had the first 'dreadnought' in the Satsuma class, however they had steel issues and so the Satsuma had the mixed armaments similar to what would become pre-dreadnoughts. But no, the South Carolina-class battleship was still being built when Dreadnought was launched. Else we'd have pre-South Carolinas and South Carolinas instead of everyone wanting a Dreadnought. The South Carolina was the first battleship to have all superfiring turrets, though. It doesn't matter who had the idea first, all that matters is who has it fully realized and out on the high seas. And while Dreadnought had issues, it was not just seen as a revolution, it was a revolution. She was faster and better armed and armored, and larger by far than the last pre-dreadnoughts that were still under construction at the time, and she was laid down after the Lord Nelson-class, and launched before the Lord Nelson. In all it took 1 year and 2 months to the day to build her and commission her. Empires everywhere crapped their pants and had to have one. The battleship arms race started the day HMS Dreadnought slipped into the water.

      The battlecruiser was birthed by the same guy who brought about the Dreadnought, and the Invincible was laid down the same year Dreadnought launched. Some of the Invincible-class battlecruisers ended up being commissioned before the Lord Nelsons had!

      As for fast battleships, the lengthened hulls were what gave rise to the greater speeds, not the advancements in machinery (though yes, advancements did allow for bigger ships). In the South Dakota-class battleships and the Lexington-class battlecruisers, both ships (well, one of the South Dakotas had machinery from a different company) had the same propulsion and boiler types. They were the same width, essentially, and depending on load, were the same weight (the battleships could be 2k-ish tons heavier). Yet the battlecruisers were nearly 200 feet longer, and were 10 knots faster.

      However the battlecruisers gave up armor. Fast battleships basically carried the heavy gun armament of previous battleships, the armor of previous battleships, and the speed of the battlecruisers. And fast battleships arose because that's where the arms race went.
    13. StarWars1981

      Mar 31, 2016
      Actually, the revolution in Dreadnought was a massive combination of advancements. It wasn't a massive leap forwards, just an adaptation. The main improvements were:
      1. More Guns. As on the tin, more firepower, though SC and Michigan had better weapons arrangements, carrying fewer weapons but having the same broadside weight as the Dreadnought, given a different weapons disposition (superfiring).
      2. More speed. That's it. It used turbine propulsion (rather than reciprocating engines), squeezed hard into a small space.
      3. Economics of Operation. It was cheaper to run than previous smaller, less powerful ships, because of design features.
      4. Weightsaving; it sacrificed a lot of armor to keep costs and construction times down, but it made use of much internal weightsaving to keep high speed and decent (ish) armor.
      5. Shock-and-Awe: Just that. It was new, revolutionary, and everybody had to have one. It was the press, the psychological warfare, that added into this ship's perceived effectiveness, when really, if faced by two older battleships, it would have been destroyed unless it started with some additional advantage. 2-1 is always a bad set of odds in combat. So the whole fillip given to the RN/German Navy arms race, 1 dreadnought to 0, was absolutely ridiculous, as the RN outnumbered the Germans 2-1 and were outbuilding them too.
      However, it was an excellent design. It had only a few lacking points (fire control was centered over a mast and blanketed by smoke, weapons disposition caused stress damage to the hull and did not allow all 12 guns to fire on a broadside) for such a hurried design.
      (I love this stuff, so of course I'm coming back with more, lol (EDIT))
    14. Jojomo

      Aug 23, 2016
      Love the chart.

      Destroyer seems to be in a funny spot? Should be between frigate and cruiser...

      EDIT: I'm thinking that the propulsion and weapons arrows (just the arrows, not the chart) should actually be vertical, instead of angled? Because a weapons platform has zero propulsion, and an armoured shell has zero weapons. Perhaps I'm not reading it quite right....

      --- Updated post (merge), Oct 25, 2016, Original Post Date: Oct 25, 2016 ---
      I'm only using Wikipedia as a reference, but I see the Lexington class had 180k hp, while the South Dakota had only 60k hp.

      Also (from the same source), we can see that while beam, draft, and displacement were all quite similar, the length difference was quite significant. Because the length difference didn't simply result in a draft difference, the hull shapes must have been quite different - the SD would have been relatively "full" (more volume at the ends) compared to the relatively "fine" Lexington..
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    15. xaubercrow

      Feb 13, 2016
      Ouh man if someone think i read all of this .. screw it! :P :D

      (read anything secret so noone notice)
    16. Gmodism

      Feb 1, 2015
      I just made a quick check online... Destroyer, if you know certainly where it belongs, where would you place it in block count to the other classes?
      --- Updated post (merge), Oct 25, 2016 ---
      Hahaha, classes is a minefield with many opinions.... a discussion is ongoing about them, but hey, I am happy there is a discussion!
      Also, post all you like if you want to show any of GI's ongoing projects or something, this is a very free forum where we can get input from other players and see what they think on future ships and updates on ships!
    17. xaubercrow

      Feb 13, 2016
      GI Ongoing Project(Only planphase,not a Date when i start building.)

      Dreadnought Class
      - Name: Unknown now
      • 400-600m Lenght - 100-200m Height - 200-350m Width
      • 10x Hardpoints for Big Beam weapons
      • 10x Hardpoints for Big AM cannons
      • 5x Hardpoints Small AM Cannons
      • 25x Hardpoints AMS/T systems.
      Hangar for a Secret Project - if this is not fittin we're going for Pinhead & Flammeth.
      The Ship itself will respresent the Might GI have.
      A Dreadnought is actually a Battleship but i want to mix it up
      with a Hangar.
      To make a Mix of a Carrier and a Dreadnought.
      Just Extremly Heavy firepower and hopefully enough space for a couple of Ships to "Drone" them.

      im not really sure about the Style itself - bcuz this is just a paperplanned project right now.
      but maybe before i start building WE can make some changes to make a balanced Ship.

      p.s: it will take alot of time to start building planned a couple other projects before so you're warned
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    18. Gmodism

      Feb 1, 2015
      I look forward to our new ship so much! I updated the info in frontage and put our ships there, as you see there is a lot of fun plans going on for the GI, I don't know why it is so fun writing RP story and background, like the entire first post is like 100% in character :D
      Classes are not done yet, or set in stone for that matter, I like keeping them flexible too, but I updated them too a bit on the post under first post if you want to take a look.
      --- Updated post (merge), Oct 27, 2016, Original Post Date: Oct 27, 2016 ---
      For people that want to see some nice pictures of GI builds there is this little album on imgur: :)
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    19. Gmodism

      Feb 1, 2015
      The full feature advanced fighter; GI_Dragoon; have a look!

    20. xaubercrow

      Feb 13, 2016

      Just to Show you Fellas GI isnt sleepy or tired - we're working on things.

      This one is something what will not be on the Dock earlier bcuz it is something gmodism has use of it
      for a AWESOME! project.
      Someday it will be online for downloading but not after Finishing the "project" gmodism has planned.

      Its not Done as u see LOL
      its the top of the "Thingy" - it will be at the end if i have done the Exoskelet like lots more height and a bit of more width and lots more lenght!
      alot will changing thruw the Progress bcuz i want to add something what will fit or delete something what will not fit.

      (Sry about my english as i say normally i have not learned any type of english on school - all by doing self so really sorry if something get's wrong)

      So Stay tuned and follow the progress if u like too.
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