1. IR0NSIGHT

      Venom 1.0

      The Venom was designed to defend stations against enemy battleships, deployed in big groups. It proved to be far to small and its 4 frontal cannons outgunned very fast, leading to only 3 of these ships ever being produced. Instead it was rebuilt into the SnakeEye...
    2. IR0NSIGHT

      SnakeEye 1.0

      This 20k mass corvette comes in at 146m length and was purpose built for station defense, deployed in fleets of 10 ships, using Wolfpack tactics against much larger ships. Its armed with a heavy heat-seaking missile launcher (4k blocks) and a backup beam weapon (1.5k blocks) to counter the...
    3. AtraUnam

      Nauvinoc Omin-Ship prototype 1.0

      Just had the build spark suddenly come back, literally built this thing in a single day to shake off the rust so appologies if its not up to my old level of quality. Its got some nice rail antenas with an in-ship toggle and a super simple airlock that I'm honestly not proud of. Anyway please...
    4. abigmac

      Atalan Class Scanner frigate 0.5

      Haven't been able to play in a few years but here's my latest ship. the systems and interior are incomplete as i'm waiting for the power changes to finally stop as every time i log in my ships no longer work lol I t has many point defence turrets, cannon turrets and a few missile turrets. It...
    5. djokaizpotoka

      GIBBON medium ship 3.0

      Now we are getting serious boys. This ship has 8 missile arrays, 8 auto-aim docked cannons, salvage array and an EM beam. This is my first bigger ship , so I hope you like it!
    6. djokaizpotoka

      CONEHEAD small ship 3.0

      This ship has 4 cannons which are supposed to auto aim as they are docked also has 4 point defence turrets which suck ass and a spammy missile launcher, which is also garbage. I hope you enjoy my shitty small ship :DDDD . The auto aim cannons are weird, and only shoot at targets...
    7. Osborn14

      Aeses Fact. HUGIN V1

      Welcome to the Æses Factory, Today, following the release of our fighter, we present you HUGIN a pretty heavy fregate to patrol arround system to keep peace Features : - turrets : - 9 AMS - 7 anti-aircraft - Power : 1.6M e/s -Shields : 1.5M HP || 10K hp/s -Hangar -Red...
    8. L

      Xenon Battle Carrier v1

      This is my first time posting a ship, so I hope it has use for you all. It's a medium size build that has 8 turrets, an internal docking bay with 3 docking spots, a nice bridge with a full view of the top hangar door, AI equipped, about 67k in storage, and there is plenty open space inside for...
    9. D

      Sword of the Stars 2 Morrigi Cruiser 1.0

      This is a Morrigi Cruiser from Sword of the Stars 2 (SotS 2). I built it to scale(I think) with some small changes to make it work in Starmade. Blocks: 34,603 Mass: 5151.3 Dimensions: Length: 139 meters Width: 107 meters Height: 32 meters Power: 310,420 e/s Shields: 1,017,000 HP Net Shield...
    10. -=DWM=-

      Blue Dragonfly V1.0

      Spaceship the Dragonfly. Want to travel safely fast with your cargo or faction personnel? Buy the Dragonfly spaceship. Sturdy, fast and it gets you home. You don't even have to shoot, with the static missile launcher that will do all the work for you, if you want to get rid of some pesky...
    11. Jake_Lancia

      Trident Foundries [Back again]

      Welcome to Trident Foundries. Who are we? We are an industrial faction that has existed since February 2013, and we are a founding member of the Union of Intergalactic States faction alliance. Originally created by crazyf22raptor and I on NASS, we have expanded massively since then. We exist...
    12. Tyto

      VSDF Marcato 1.0

      The VSDF Marcato Heavy Fighter is a capable ship in the Valence Forces. It is built for one pilot, though it contains a second seat for a gunner. The ship is just over 90 meters long. It features the trademark colors, decals, and shape of other Valence ships. The Marcato was built for defense...
    13. Tyto

      Cirrus Luxury Ship 2

      Introducing the Cirrus Luxury craft! This space-yacht is constructed for the finest of comfort while cruising the stars! Enjoy the full entertainment system, sizable living space, and amazing view from the ship's many view ports. The ship is large enough to house a few people for a...
    14. Tyto

      VSDF Maestro v0.201.378, build 2019042

      Hello everyone! I'm rather new to this site- this is my first posting here- but I'm not new to starmade. I've been playing off and on for several years. I've been playing since thrusters didn't have any kind of plume and planets were flat. Over the last few months, mainly out of hype for the...
    15. BlueNationPrez

      BlueNationHeavyBattleShip 2019-07-08

      A massive capital grade battleship with lots of turrets and fire power. This is my first ship upload so enjoy :) Any Bugs on the ship, you can fix. This is public. Stats ================== Mass: 18.3k Blocks: 166.5k Max speed:48.0 Shields: 1.315M Turrets: 35 Authors Notes ============== I am...
    16. SchnellBier

      SBS Shreya [QF] 2019-06-25

      WARNING: THIS SHIP ONLY WORKS WITH THE QUICKFIRE CONFIG. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE CLICK THIS LINK. Introducing: The SBS Shreya [QF] Special Features: - Landing Gear - Cockpit - 3.0 Thrust/Mass ratio (476 m/s max Speed) - Multi-Charge Jumpdrive Additional Pictures: Base Stats: Mass...
    17. Dragonslayer918

      Furon Saucer 2019-06-11

      Furon Saucer from Destroy All Humans. Made it in a night while sleep deprived and listening to Ich Will. idk its here now so ignore it or download it, whatever floats your spacebote.
    18. Dragonslayer918

      ESS Valkyria-class Frigate 2019-06-10

      Replacing old custom-built starships and re-purposed transports previously used as warships by the Europican Empire, the Valkyria-class was designed and fabricated at Euros Shipyards to act as a long-distance strike and patrol craft. Housing up to 8 active crew at a time with 10 more in...
    19. kikaha

      Betty Brown 2019-05-19

      This ship was designed by a rogue alt of mine. He had enough of mining and building so in one last laborious effort he created this little gem to go get ressources and richesses from medium sized freighters and commercial ships. 2 powerfull canons, 2 equally dangerous beams and some missiles...
    20. I

      Unreal II Dorian Gray (WIP) 2019-05-13

      Hi! Currently only a shell of the Dorian Gray with some walkways that have windows, and a catwalk leading from the main hull to the engines. No systems or shields installed, but it has power and thrusters. Thrusters will be redone further down the line. It was sort of difficult to build as very...