1. Gmodism

      GI_Turret Cb-K INVADER-18 MK1

      The Gmodism Industries Brings you: GI_Turret Cb-K INVADER-18 MK1 The Gmodism industries Invader-18 turret is a 18-block heavy cannon. The turret has +180 degrees hemispherical coverage and should be depressed one meter into hull. The gun is has a good balance between sniper and autocannon, fires...
    2. Gmodism

      GI-RS Office Desk Pack v.1

      The Gmodism Industries Brings you: Office Desk Pack The Gmodism Industries Real Estate division are developing prefabricated interiors and assets for building complexes, this is a package of our office desk workplaces aimed at different segments across the workforce. (one desk is not showcased...
    3. Gmodism

      GHI_Scaffolding Templates Pack v.2

      The Gmodism Heavy Industries Brings you: GHI SCAFFOLDING The Gmodism Heavy Industries has improved heavily on it's original design to put together a package of sturdy scaffolding. These are used as the reliable foundation for all your builds, be it planetary bases or mid space titan class...
    4. Gmodism

      The Gmodism Industries [ GI ]

      THIS POST IS CONSTANTLY UPDATED, CHECK BACK OFTEN HERE. Welcome to the official page for Gmodism Industries on the most popular online market in cosmos. The Gmodism Industries [ GI ] We are a multigalactic megacorporation active in a multiple trades and markets. Our motto is Quality and...
    5. Gmodism

      GI_Dvermakt - Battlecruiser Mk3

      The Gmodism Industries Military and Civil Shipyards Proudly Brings you: GI Dvermakt Battlecruiser Designed to both work as command vessel for smaller missions, and as a efficient frontliner for large fleets, the Dvermakt has a wide array of weapons. The Dvermakt is a rebuild of our good old...
    6. xaubercrow

      GI_Flammeth MK3

      923019814f9144b58f244ef2407f6773 Flammeth Class: - Sized Fighter Function: - Support Flagship/Cruisers No Special Features. Rig The Lenght isnt rly counting as far as u see the nose of its its pretty much only Hull. Weapon Setups: 5Railed AM Gun 5Railed IonM Silo via 3 Groups.
    7. Gmodism

      GHI_Logistic Neko - Utility-Ship Mk3

      The Gmodism Industries Shipyard Proudly Brings you: GHI Logistic Neko Mark 3 The Gmodism Heavy Industries Utility Ship, LOGISTIC NEKO MARK. Excellent for travel around swiftly, freighting medium quantities, mining effortlessly and moving around objects in space. Features: -Auto-miner beams (Sm)...
    8. Gmodism

      GI_BOSSE - Beamship X1

      Bosse Beamship Mark One, is a Beamship class single pilot plasma system combat vessel. Built especially for the Trading Kartell and it's needs. It is very efficient at taking out lightly armoured targets fast, such as freighting ships and fighters. It is also capable of carrying a fighter in its...
    9. Gmodism

      GI_HYAKU PAASENTO - Light Ion Cruiser X1

      HYAKU PAASENTO MARK 1 The Hyaku Paasento (100%) is a Light Cruiser with strong shields, many turrets and some nice rail doors. It has interiors and is set up for having a full crew, the HYAKU is no only a efficient combat vessel but also a celebration to the naval shipbuilders on old earth at...
    10. Gmodism

      GI_Wakizashi Fighter 脇差 S3

      The Gmodism Industries Proudly Brings you: Wakizashi SPECIAL 3 脇差 - Fighter A high end spaceship for those that want to cruise space with style and confidence, take on enemy ships with bravery and skill. Brought to you by Gmodism Industries as a premium alternative for freelancers, privateers...