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    GHI Structural Blocks S7BP v.1

    Basic 7^3 shapes for designing constructions.

    1. Gmodism
      Game version:
      The Gmodism Industries Brings you:
      GHI Structural Blocks
      javaw 2018-01-12 20-58-47-359.jpg

      The Gmodism Heavy Industries have developed 'Structure, 7 Build-blocks Pack', a set of basic shapes with the purpose to design and shape constructions from ships to stations to THE UNIVERSE. Originally inspired from a StarMade official build screenshot for future ships in early construction I thought a set of templates would be great to ease modelling ships and stations, etc. All the basic shapes are made in addition to a 3 slab and a 4 slab, the base size is 7*7*7 and is made to fit with my GHI_Modular Templates and Interiors, thus you can use it very efficently with that pack. Following is a sample core model that is easily created in no-time using all the shapes.
      javaw 2018-01-12 20-56-47-725.jpg

      Gmodism Industries Shipyard.
      Brought to you by Gmodism Industries.
      Gmodism Industries - Quality and Innovation.
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    Recent Reviews

    1. Lunafox
      Version: v.1
      As useful as it is simple, should be included as base part of the game for anyone starting out and learning builds
      1. Gmodism
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the stars! I guess templates should not be forced on players, but it might be beneficial if I recommend this pack in my beginners tutorials, thanks for the unintentional tip. :D
    2. XIIMEPA
      Version: v.1
      1. Gmodism
        Author's Response
        Glad that you find them useful!