1. DylChill616

      Octmajor Station Finishing Touches

      I'm building a small station and I'm using this thread to show my progress of finishing up, so here is what I have so far. I am pretty much done with the exterior so I can add more detail to the interior soon.
    2. 1

      Station design request

      I want to have some blueprints for all station blueprint types. (plus a homebase, a medical station and a lab, and except for warp gate, and either only a trade station or a shopping station) General rules: They are best if they are complex structures between 50 and 250 blocks in all...
    3. IR0NSIGHT

      NPCController 1.0

      CURRENTLY BROKEN WORKING ON FIX (15 sept 2021) This mod allows a basic control over what blueprints pirate(any faction) stations can use, and also allows to automatically replace already existing, unwanted stations (like power 1.0 vanilla stations). !!There are NO requirements to replace any...
    4. IR0NSIGHT

      Gateway station set 1

      These two stations are designes to be part of a bigger warpgate network. The gateway station comes with a full roleplay interior: 2 big rooms, walkable reactor spine, automated elevator, logic airlocks. The smaller gate has an airlock and a computer room. Both radar dishes on the gateway...
    5. DeepspaceMechanic

      MAKE THEM YOUR OWN: Awesome skeletal station pack v1

      APPETIZER: Are you the type of space-architect whose creativity flows like a white-water river once you have something to build upon, but find it hard to get started when there's only empty space and a starter block in front of you? Or are you looking for a well-constructed shipyard to make...
    6. DeepspaceMechanic

      MAKE IT YOUR OWN: Industrial mega-shipyard v1

      APPETIZER: Are you the type of space-architect whose creativity flows like a white-water river once you have something to build upon, but find it hard to get started when there's only empty space and a starter block in front of you? Or are you looking for a well-constructed shipyard to make...
    7. A

      Planet- Forge World v1

      A lava planet i made, no system or filling just an empty shell. planet radius: 150 block, orbiting ring radius: 200 block THumbnail: gif:
    8. yoyo2901

      yoyo industries shipyard

      Inspiration post for people to steal my idea's. Don't have a lot of time to build all the time and sometimes inspiration is just not there so enjoy what ive build.
    9. MaartenAll

      United Space Federation advanced HQ 1.0

      Hello everyone! After a few years I though it was time I built myself a new homebase to be used on multiplayer servers, and after a few weeks of work I was so happy with what it became that I decided to share it with you all. As you can see on the pictures the station is a giant ring 600 m in...
    10. Jake_Lancia

      Trident Foundries [Back again]

      Welcome to Trident Foundries. Who are we? We are an industrial faction that has existed since February 2013, and we are a founding member of the Union of Intergalactic States faction alliance. Originally created by crazyf22raptor and I on NASS, we have expanded massively since then. We exist...
    11. L

      Vesperian defense station! 1.00.0

      The Vesperian defense station is a small, well-rounded station with enough room for expandability and creator choices regarding the interior. The armor is Standard, and while it might be Very expensive to construct in a survival world, it will hold off against Most of the Generic Ships in the...
    12. joshspaceboy

      J-Tech Industries

      Welcome To J-Tech Industries!!! Who are we: J-Tech Industries is a large industrial company (Which has no imperial asperations whatsoever :D) with the goal of creating some of the best ships in the galaxy. J-Tech prides itself on having some of the most functional ships that look decent, both...
    13. I

      Anadius Station 2019-09-10

      Hello! Anadius Station is based off of Cronos Station concept art. I might make all of the different concepts into stations and release a Station pack, not too sure yet. Currently a WIP, and only contains a two hangars with a total of 5 kodiaks docked. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
    14. I

      Cerberus Headquarters- Cronos Station 2019-09-10

      Hi! I've been experimenting with a signature interior styling for all of my stations and have settled on having dark hallways with red lights, giving an emergency lighting feel- like being on a submarine or boat. Most rooms have a low ceiling and are cramped, aside from certain rooms like the...
    15. Reilly Reese

      Turion Republic Small Colonial Expansion Marker v0-201-378

      Turion Republic Small CEM Lore Summary: The Colonial Expansion Marker (CEM for short), is the culmination of the Colonial Guard's research and development for an expendable, quickly deploying structure intended to claim desirable systems for the Republic. This unit is the first and smallest...
    16. AngelusKutona

      W.E.C - Wexian Engineering Corporation Shipyard

      Introduction - The W.E.C. Shipyard is designed as a roleplaying / storyline / log based thread. The idea behind it is to record progression and everything displayed here will be created using standard or survival based singleplayer and multiplayer servers. Although creative mode is attractive I...
    17. I

      Minuteman Station 2019-06-23

      Just a shell- no systems or anything. My computer blue-screened recently so I'm just placing it here in case anything happens before I can start the inside, thanks!
    18. H

      Tiny Starter Hollow Asteroid Factory 1.0 2019-06-13

      A starter station built inside a tiny asteroid for your first factory. It's hollow with nothing placed in it. Large enough to start your first small factory. Blocks Required Build Block 1 Cinnabar 2587 Grey Basic Armor 200 White Light 5
    19. MrGrey1

      MRGS Pirate Station 01 20190610

      A pirate station? With working turrets you say? Turrets that don't completely suck? V2 power, shields and systems?... none to shabby either? It doesn't have any infrastructure in it at all for astronauts, not even a dock... it is however, fully functional when it comes to weapons and shields...
    20. I

      Kahje Manufacturing Station 2019-04-07

      Just a quick station I threw together while playing around. The exterior design was inspired by a Drell city from a mass effect comic. I was originally going to design the tower piece last, but decided it looked better without it. May be updated in the future to include a central tower. Station...