DI Slave I

    DI Slave I 1.1

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    Slave I
    A modified Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft​

    Similarly to my Millennium Falcon build, I've tried to include as many features as I could find to make this the best Slave I that I could.

    Here is an interior tour w/gifs.
    For external features visit my shipyard page:


    With how the Slave I is laid out, it can be a bit difficult to understand the gravity, but basically there is the gravity in the center room if you are always centered to that main room/Boba's Quarters. If you're wanting to always stay in the upright gravity, like when the ship is flying, then that module is near the extendable docking port. And thirdly if you want to be switched between the two (which is most ideal) you connect to the one attached to the command chair, that way when the chair spins, the gravity spins for you too.

    On my shipyard post, I include some reference images to the external features I showcase there
    As for the interior, it was largely based of this image, along with filling in some gaps:

    Entering main access hatch:

    Prisoner cells: (3 on left and right. Can be entered using sideways gravity on floor)

    Boba's Quarters & Escape Pod

    Command Area: (To properly swivel with chairs, make sure you're connected to the gravity block on that segment)

    Core Access: (Also weapons computers, and rail buttons)

    Extendable USD:

    Here's a list of the systems and features packed in:
    8 System computers

    - 2 Rapid fire Cannons

    325 DPS

    - 1 Ion Cannon
    622 DPS

    - 1 LockOn Missile
    1803 DPM

    - Heat Seeking missiles
    613 DPM. 11 shots.

    - 1 Tractor Beam
    450 Tractor Power

    - 1 Mine Layer
    Unsure how this is measured

    - Jump Drive

    - Stealth Drive
    Strength 5, Permanent, Radar Jamming, Anti-LockOn

    - Storage Module
    2.8k volume

    7 Rail Features
    - Landing Sequence (Cockpit/Winglets/Cannons swivel)
    - Front Door
    - Ramp
    - Hidden Ion Cannon (Hardmounted System/Not a turret)
    - Hidden Swarm Missiles (Hardmounted System/Not a turret)
    - Escape Pod
    - Extendable USD (**No Rail Docker attached, requires special connection due to the fact you can't attach rail dockers to moving ports)
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    More resources from docpenguindoc

    Latest updates

    1. Minor bug fixes

      - Added gravity to Boba's Cabin for re-entry via escape pod - Cut passenger platform in half so...

    Latest reviews

    I'm greatly surprised of the amount of detail and time that has gone into this ship, everything just feels right and true to the ship it's replicating, of course there's some details here and there that aren't true to the canon, but I think we can give it some space, there's a limit to how much detail you can cram with star made blocks, speaking of crammed, this ship is a lot of that, but there's a lot of features and SO MANY RAIL entities, I don't even know what kind of dark magic is this. 10/10 very good ship, oh my god so much to learn form this one
    Thank you! I tried to follow the Visual Dictionary as closely as possible but of course it's Star Wars, and there are inconsistencies, so I added the docking port from Clone Wars, and the escape pod from Legends, at least according to Wookieepedia, I couldn't find a source for the information, I just wanted to add it anyway, but there was no information on where it may be. Also if you think 21 docked entities is bad, the Falcon had 34, and the CR-90 clocks in at 113.
    Love the rail features on this one. Its not that big a ship so good work on getting everything in.
    Thank you! There definately was no space spared when building.