1. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Cobra Corvette V1.0

      Cobra-class Corvette Detailed further here: Cobra-class The Cobra-class, not to be confused with the older pre-Foundries Cobra-class "Mini-Quantum", is a class of small, agile corvettes produced by the Sirius Shipyards within Trident space. Featuring twin plasma beam emitters and a single...
    2. Jake_Lancia

      TRT Orbital Defence Torpedo Platform V1.1

      Orbital Defence Torpedo Platform Mk.2 Detailed further here: TRT-ODTP The Trident Orbital Defence Torpedo Platform (ODTP) Mk.2 is a large station defence turret, fitted with enough gun to vapourise large enemy ships. The ODTP is one of Trident Foundries' oldest defence constructs used by the...
    3. Jake_Lancia

      Trident Foundries [Back again]

      Welcome to Trident Foundries. Who are we? We are an industrial faction that has existed since February 2013, and we are a founding member of the Union of Intergalactic States faction alliance. Originally created by crazyf22raptor and I on NASS, we have expanded massively since then. We exist...
    4. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Independent-class Battleship [WIP] 0.25

      Independent-class Battleship Detailed further here: Independent-class The Independent-class is a class of large battleships and command vessels, and they serve as Trident fleet or sector flagships, often commanding other fleets of warships. The Independent-class houses a huge variety of...
    5. Jake_Lancia

      Trident Mega Pack of Shells V1.0

      A dense pack of starship shells with interiors and turrets, without systems, to be used for Quickfire testing. Images of several of the ships in the pack:
    6. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Resurgent II-class Frigate V1.0

      Resurgent II-class Frigate Detailed further here: Resurgent-class The Resurgent II-class is a class of fairly small, medium-warp warships designed by the PlazWorks company and operated by the military of the Trident Foundries. The Resurgent II-class is a general purpose warship, capable of...
    7. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Strider-class Corvette V1.2

      We have been waiting, the void no longer hides us, we have returned... Strider-class Corvette Detailed further here: Strider-class The Strider-class is a small warship which is designed to be a raid and patrol vessel. Its thin frame and powerful spinal mounted phase beam banks make it...
    8. Jake_Lancia

      [SERIES][DEAD] Solaris One

      From the makers of The Lost Galaxy... Concord's End went downhill due to overly complex arrangements, many things which are impossible to do in-game, and a jumbled, messy script full of errors and contradictions. oh, and ash tearing it apart. But NOW we are working on a NEW Series! We're...
    9. Jake_Lancia

      Shipyard of the Dominion of Trident

      Welcome to the Public Shipyard of the Dominion of Trident. Rather than attempting to continue our previous thread which is quite old now and no longer follows our current ethos, we decided to make a brand new thread, with only our new (power 2.1/weapons 3.0) entities included. Our old vessels...
    10. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Resurgent-class Frigate V2.0

      Resurgent-class Frigate Detailed further here: Resurgent-class A well-armoured frigate with new weapons and other systems, the Resurgent-class is Trident's first attempt at a new starship since the controversial introduction of Power 2.0 components.
    11. Jake_Lancia

      Concord's End Asset Pack - Ships and Stations V1.0

      [ALL BPs ARE PROVIDED 'as seen' AND WILL NOT BE UPDATED. I, Jake Lancia, HENCEFORTH ACKNOWLEDGE THAT MANY OF THESE BPs DID NOT ORIGINATE FROM ME OR Plaz, BUT WERE MODIFIED FOR THE PRODUCTION OF "Concord's End".] A very dense pack of various different ships, stations and wrecked entities, with...
    12. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Lucia-class Destroyer V1.0

      Lucia-class Destroyer Detailed further here: Lucia-class Often compared to siege weapons of a bygone era, the Lucia-class is designed to act as a support ship in any fleet. Part of the industrial-looking Generation 2 Program (started 2315), the Lucia is covered in heavy plates of armour and...
    13. Jake_Lancia

      StarMade Community Trading Card Game

      The StarMade Community TCG is a card game created by me and Plaz, similar to such popular TCGs as YuGiOh and Pokemon cards but featuring StarMade ships and stations. It is a heavy WIP, and will require balancing once enough cards are ready for a match of the game. Resources for building the...
    14. Jake_Lancia

      Vega Outpost P1.0

      Vega-type Outpost Detailed further here: Vega-type The Vega-type is a type of larger border outposts used by Trident Foundries. Featuring extensive interior spaces, four USD-compliant docks, and a new, highly industrial Gen2-style exterior, the Vega is the perfect station to keep your...
    15. Reilly Reese

      Trident Foundries Main Menu Background 1.0

      Like Trident? Show your appreciation with a custom background! Note: To achieve the shown results it's recommended to install Crusade 's Darker, warpless main menu shader modification.
    16. Jake_Lancia

      [DEAD] Concord's End - A Starmade Adventure

      Concord's End is a StarMade RP series project. In Concord's End, the Vaygr Empire strikes all of the UIS factions simultaneously and cripples them. Trident leaders Jake and Plaz are stuck on the Trident home planet Vergesso while these attacks are happening, and must find a way off-world for as...
    17. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Halberd-class Explorer V1.0

      As seen in Trident's latest video series! Halberd-class Explorer Detailed further here: Halberd-class The Halberd-class is a class of technologically advanced exploration vessels, produced by Trident Fleetworks and in service with Trident Foundries. An offshoot of the Generation 2 Warship...
    18. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Pathfinder-class Scout V1.0

      Pathfinder-class Experimental Scout Detailed further here: Pathfinder-class The Pathfinder-class is a class of fast scout corvettes based on the Hyperion-class primary hull. With it's priorities switched from offence to long-range scout duties, the Pathfinder mounts a new, long-range...
    19. Jake_Lancia

      Watchtower Outpost P1.15 Oversights

      This station replaces our old Deep-space Outpost. Watchtower-type Outpost Detailed further here: Watchtower-type The Watchtower-type Outpost is an older series of outposts produced by the former Trident Industries and designed by Mr Crazy during the height of the Trident occupation of the...
    20. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Roni-class Cutter V1.0

      The Roni-class is a fast ship for its size. Armed with twin lock-on missiles and rapidfire plasma cannons and with heavy polarized frontal armour plating, the Roni is well-equipped to assault enemy fleets and blockade run. STATS MASS (w/rail) - 9110.5 L/H/W - 138m/45m/843 POWER CAPACITY -...