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    During the last few years we have been rather quiet on what we have been working on, to be blunt not that much and a lot of what we have made is half finished messes of ships, contained in this pack are a handful of the best ones we have mostly finished for you to use as you see fit, as well as some notes on what we were thinking.

    TRVC- Company.
    We started this long before on several ship attempts but never nailed a design shape we were happy with, the idea was for a factory ship with mining drones attached to work along side it. initially an idea for a station / ship we could use as a emergency backup for ships and materials that can be left in void space unmarked with other ships if we needed it on PVE / PVP servers. this particular shell kicked off during the factory ship contest but we never finished the ship itself, and were too far in to make any major changes to the false shipyard in it.

    TRV- Hyperion.
    This was a small rework of our oldest ship, the Hyperion class corvette, fun fact this ship is technically been used before Trident Foundries was a faction and remains our oldest known ship we have access to, it has never been rebuilt from the ground up and has always been modified from its old shell.

    TRV- Chimera.
    Was an experiment for a patrol ship with modular components, loosely inspired by Andorian star-ships from Star Trek. We shelved the modular components and remade the hull for a normal corvette but never took it any further as it is now, it has been gathering dust in our BP files for 2 years now.

    TRV- Clarkson.
    Fun little experiment to try and replicate a look alike of the "pride of Albion" from X rebirth, kind of became its own thing halfway through the build phase, the core concept of a versatile scout and mission runner ship remains and has seen service on Skies of Eden modded server a few times.

    TRVC- Manticore + Baby Manticore.
    Initially made for a now cancelled NPC faction, the smaller of the two ships never got used and i decided to upscale the design for a hybrid mining ship for use on both standard and Scalar mining server settings. the Manticore has seen some use but not a sufficient amount for us to fully finish.

    TRV- Hammerhead rebuild.
    An attempt to restore the NFD triathlon fighter class winner shell to modern standards, did some work and then forgot about it completely (oops).

    TRV- Gladius Mk5 shell.
    Probably our most iconic ship for our modern line, the Gladius has caused us much joy (and pain) to build and fly, it has seen 5 minor and 2 major refits over its service and has seen various deployments on SOE for some time now. Initially made as a experiment with slab design concepts, it evolved into what it is now over several versions and help me personally understand how to effectively use slabs and wedges in very odd ways. was originally inspired by the X4 rattlesnake destroyer.

    TRV- Exodus.
    This big behemoth is quite impressive and is our largest in service ship to our faction (not the biggest ever made mind you) it has been worked on and off for 2 ish years possibly more and is technically the first ship of the new design style we use as of now, but has taken so long to finish, a large portion of our other ships were built in-between its construction. Work started as an attempt to make a replacement capital ship for the independent class which had an interior layout that is far more friendly to make systems into, though the concept spawned a new design style we would adopt for the rest of our fleet.

    TRV- Falchion.
    A requested Drone Frigate design for Skies of Eden to fit into its fleet AI rules, This ship was made to follow its one turret rule, its fairly modern and made from recycled ship parts (to speed up build time we needed this thing fast when it was first made), mainly the Chimera and Gladius class ships. it has been deployed on SOE multiple times with a degree of success.

    Hope you enjoy these and new stuff to come, eventually i dont know.

    Safe to say these names are the primary builders involved.
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    As a very unbiased reviewer, who most definitely doesn't have any ties to this project, I wish to point out that the uploader failed to point out which exact blocks where placed by which builder

    10/10, would displace hangar floor by 1 block and leave 5 slabs again
    Legitimate criticism :)