TRV - Phantom class Patrol corvette

    TRV - Phantom class Patrol corvette 1

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    (note this is a shell no systems included)
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    Manufacturer: Vergesso drive yards sub division 3

    The phantom class patrol corvette is a long term 2 pilot crew combat corvette, equipped with medium range fusion missile systems and short ranged plasma beam driver lance. Retrofitted near the end of the UIS Odium war, the phantom class was primarily used as a support ship alongside strider class patrol corvettes, as to rapidly bolster territory control and combat against the rising pirate faction in the local home systems.

    The phantom’s capacity is design for a crew of 2 (pilot and navigation specialist), on long term deployments, though it is capable of supporting up to 4 crew members on rotating shifts if need be.

    The Phantom is also equipped with dedicated planetary landing gear which are merged into its orbital USD docking system.

    Though rarely seen on the font lines or borders of the Trident home systems, its a prominent sight around trade lines and outposts, as the law of the systems.

    Builders note:
    many thanks to Jake_lancia and Nauvran for interior and logic aid during the retrofit
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