TRV - Elite class assault gunboat

    TRV - Elite class assault gunboat 1

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    (not this is a shell no systems included)

    Manufacture: Sirius expedition force prototypes

    The Elite is a rather uncommon front line sight alongside battle fleets on the front lines. The Elite was previously a hobbyist design by the late Sirius expedition force prototypes, after being shut down to help fund the war effort. The small team that was left worked on retrofitting the khopesh support craft into a prototype gunboat and boarding ship. The result is one of the sturdiest frames ever made by the foundries. The elite boasts a permeant crew of 2 but can hold 24 marines aboard its adapted USD section. The ships reinforced frame and high pressure RCS systems makes it able to rapidly attach and deploy boarding contingents onto hostile targets with little to no worries about collateral damage to the ships structure. Its pilots are often chosen for the recklessness in flying the ship as its breaching method requires a substantial amount of force when slamming into a target to effectively allow for boarding.

    As a secondary role the ship is equipped with a single short range light fusion missile port and dual plasma beam drivers for aiding in ship to ship combat, and also has a light grid of PDC weapons for anti bomber and anti missiles screening duties when not aiding in boarding action.

    Though able to hold a large crew of its size it can only hold them for a short amount of time as such requires larger ships to accompany it at all times, which is why it is really seen if at all on solo operations or squad operations.

    Builders notes:
    Many thanks to Nauvran, Captain_tankman, MeRobo and jake_lancia for creative inspiration and guidance.
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