TRT Orbital Defence Torpedo Platform

    TRT Orbital Defence Torpedo Platform V1.1

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    0.201.whatever (QF)

    Orbital Defence Torpedo Platform Mk.2

    Detailed further here: TRT-ODTP

    The Trident Orbital Defence Torpedo Platform (ODTP) Mk.2 is a large station defence turret, fitted with enough gun to vapourise large enemy ships. The ODTP is one of Trident Foundries' oldest defence constructs used by the company to defend key installations and planets in their territory.

    Armed with four large missile launchers and featuring it's own anti-missile weaponry, a battery of these weapons can defend a facility from almost any attack.

    After the end of the UIS-Odium war these turrets were retrofitted with PDC systems and modernised armour systems to bring them into modern standard with the rest of the rebuilding fleets, most likely these turrets will continue to defend Vergesso and her colonies as the last line of defence for many years to come.

    • The turret's base docker is facing to the right due to a build error. Ensure this is taken into account when placing these weapons. A future update may eliminate this error. Updated: Current version is fixed
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    1. Fixed the docker problem

      Fixed the docker problem. It is no longer required to spawn the turret on a right-facing docker.

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    Do more simple CG-S style
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