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    TRV Resurgent II-class Frigate V1.0

    Rebuilt, restyled, rearmed for a new generation!

    1. Jake_Lancia
      Game version:

      Resurgent II-class Frigate

      Detailed further here: Resurgent-class

      The Resurgent II-class is a class of fairly small, medium-warp warships designed by the PlazWorks company and operated by the military of the Trident Foundries.


      The Resurgent II-class is a general purpose warship, capable of both short-range combat, with a forward twin Phase Bank and small phase-beam turrets, and long-range combat, with multiple Fusion Missile launchers, though excelling at neither. They are the backbone of the Trident navy, and are used in an offensive as well as a defensive role.


      The Resurgent II-class has a similar external appearance to other PlazWorks-designed Trident ships such as the Solaris-class and Independent-class ships, and also uses a smaller version of the company's V-Plate cooling system.


      Features two turrets that are capable of firing on the selected target.

      Exterior by Plaz. Systems by TheDerpGamer


    Recent Reviews

    1. 3than2021
      Version: V1.0
      Great redesign! I have the first version and it is great but I love the new style.
    2. crazyf22raptor
      Version: V1.0
      this is a fantastic frigate, i loved working on the exterior for the project, TheDerpGamer did a fantastic job with the systems inside it, and i hope once the beams glitch is fixed in game, it will be even better.
      its fast its tough and easy to use, what more do you need from a combat ship.