1. T

      Detachable systems like weapons and salvage lasers.

      hopeful suggestion here. I wish to be able to have a main vessel that i can attach and detach weapons and salvagers from through docking. this way you can have one ship and instead of having a salvager and fighter. allowing you to detach and attach accessories based on what task you are attempting.
    2. Reilly Reese

      Allow Area Trigger Controllers to function without physical contact.

      Currently ATCs only function when physically touching the modules they are meant to activate despite being able to be connected to blocks they aren't physically touching. Is this an oversight maybe?
    3. B

      Camera/Display connection

      It's quite simple, Client-side only: Allow to connect a camera to a display. That display will change its screen side texture to render the viewport of the camera, with the lines effect and the text (if any) over it. to not impact performance players can chose the minimum distance from a screen...
    4. KevinFett

      Blueprint mapper

      I think Starmade would benefit from having a mapping program that provides a Top-Down visual of our blueprints. This program would read the sment files and create a pixel-type map of our ships, layer by layer. Although this would create some redundant layers, especially for larger ships, it...
    5. Zephyrim

      What the universe update needs most

      Hello. It's been a while since I've posted. I don't play starmade any more, and until today I haven't been following the game's development very closely at all, and honestly looking at the steam charts I can't really hold much hope that it'll ever come back and actually make it as the game I...
    6. boomchacle

      Make there be a defense chamber upgrade for shields specifically for stations

      Call it "fortress shield upgrade". it makes shields resist nukes, have 5 times the health, 5 times the regen but take 3 times more energy and take up 90 percent of the stations reactor power. I am sick of not being able to make non HB stations without trolls being able to just nuke them into...
    7. EricBlank

      Acid Model for Salvage Beams

      Something i thought would be a huge improvement to designing salvage/mining vessels is applying the acid damage model to salvage beams, so they harvest not just the block theyre pointed at but the blocks around it. Then we dont need to use a waffleboard pattern to make sure we're mining...
    8. lokilog

      Faction Customization

      Over the past few days, I've seen few posts/comments talking about faction customization (such as this recent one) so I though I might as well give my thoughts on this. Territory Color As talked about in the previous link, Faction customization via colors would add a new dynamic to the game...
    9. E

      [Weapons Update] Missile Turning Rate inverse to damage

      With the new Cannon penetration mechanics intended to encourage the use of weapons that are appropriate to the target being fired on, I'd like to suggest something similar for missiles: Turning rate and velocity that is inversely proportional to the missile's damage (another way to describe it...
    10. Fays

      Admin Command: Remove system blocks

      As I was fartin' about trying to find a rogue recharger block in a ship I planned to put power 2.0 in, I thought to my self "this would be so much easier if I could admin all the system blocks outta here". ~ /remove_systemblocks While I'm quite happy with the state build mode is in after the...
    11. R

      Universal Active Effects Fleshed out

      i recently saw part of the Power System Preview Stream during which they talked about some features of the coming Universe Update one such feature was Active Effects [timestamp 30:35] and i started thinking about how some of their ideas might be further fleshed out for example starting with the...
    12. Vegycales

      My spin on what power should be like

      I searched the forum and I couldn't find anything similar, however, I'm sorry if I am repeating someone else's idea. Imagine if only stations could hold power reactors and ships were only limited to power capacitors, and ships had to dock to replenish their capacitors I understand the change...
    13. baclodrifr

      Salvage Turrets

      Yes, this is what it sounds like. The basic idea of a "salvage turret" is a docked entity that fires salvage beams at the nearest sources of minerals. A new option could be added into the Bobby AI as well. When you select the turret option a couple boxes show up to select either a normal turret...
    14. Zoolimar

      Ammo Cache or ammunition without micromanagement

      Instead of adding the need to resupply I propose creation of an Ammo Cache block that calculates its workspace similar to how shipyards do it (U-shaped block groups that create a containment). Though you will need a continuous group instead of multiple gates. Ammo Caches are filled with...
    15. Zoolimar

      System blobbification

      It's a suggestion for encouraging players to build systems in more discrete blocks that could be easily identified and are not wrapped around each other in some kind of weaving pattern. Which in theory should make designing and refitting ships easier. 1. System blobbification System power...
    16. Zoolimar

      Yet another armor idea: Support and Bruteforce.

      Unlike other variants this one doesn't rely on any changes to behaviour of weapons, mods and the like. Though it probably doesn't need any AHP due to exponential scaling of HP on blocks. In theory all calculations for armour should be done during ship construction or rebooting. Upon placing an...
    17. AtraUnam

      Another stupid armor idea

      [[Introduction]] So when you get right down to it the main disparity between armor and shields is this; every shield block will always be working to protect you no matter what, armor blocks only work to protect you if they get hit. Even with all or nothing armor setups its extremely rare for...
    18. kiddan

      [Forum] Thoughtful/Smart and Poor Research Rating

      I'd find it quite fitting to add two new ratings for posts on the SMD, with both being opposite ends of the same spectrum: A brain titled Thoughtful and a sheet of paper with an F stamped on it, titled Fail or Poor Research. Essentially, you could praise someones logic or warn others of...
    19. Master_chief_150

      Manual Control of Turrets

      In case the title doesn't give it away, i'll explain it here. I would like to suggest the ability to take manual control of a turret docked to the main entity. This could help with. Manual Point Defence. Not all AI can aim right Focused Fire/Manual Operation. This allows players the ability to...
    20. symbiot999


      I have a couple of suggestions and I hope I put this in the right spot. 1.steam workshop for blueprints probly already been said but when i looked I did not see it so here it is. it would be easier for us user to add blueprints if we had that might even get you move users. Or a in game link to...