Betty AI Module

    Aug 30, 2013
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    So my idea is quite simple, have two variants of the AI Module. The regular ol dumb Bobby AI module, and the more complex Betty AI module.
    The Betty AI can be modified via Block Coding(using preset blocks to make a script rather than hard syntax) This would allow it to be a bit more accessible to new players and more controllable by the developers as you don't want people making viruses and what not.

    The Betty AI would have the ability to Receive and Broadcast information to other Betty AI's and also broadcast commands to Bobby AI within their fleet.
    The Betty AI can be placed on Stations and Ships alike.

    If a Betty AI is destroyed and there isn't another one in the fleet, any Bobby AI's just revert to doing whatever Bobby AI's do - potentially allowing for the Betty AI ships to be valuable targets in combat.

    In combat both AI's function the same, they just orbit and fire weapons - unless told otherwise by the code within the Betty AI
    To prevent lag machines from being built, the size of the code should be limited in some way.

    An overview of the commands they can make can be viewed here: