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    My spin on what power should be like

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Vegycales, Nov 14, 2017 at 3:55 PM.


    What do you guys think

    1. I like it

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    2. No this is dumb

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    3. Maybe but it would never work out

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    4. not sure

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    1. Vegycales

      Nov 2, 2017
      I searched the forum and I couldn't find anything similar, however, I'm sorry if I am repeating someone else's idea.

      Imagine if only stations could hold power reactors and ships were only limited to power capacitors, and ships had to dock to replenish their capacitors

      I understand the change would be dramatic but hear me out.
      If capacitors were buffed to hold more power this could work. It could solve a lot of issues in the gameplay.
      It would limit your ship to a certain range you can have operations, forcing you to build outposts. No longer would you be able to chain drive all the way across the galaxy in a minute or two. I feel this would bring a greater use to warp gates and make them more appealing. It would also encourage logistic ships that carry extra power that could refill ship capacitors. Exploration ships and scouts would need to be used more frequently rather than jumping from base to base to cloaked and jammed to grief someone. Cloaks and Jams would drain your power so they are limited in use similar to a submarine diving. More player interactions would be forced and everything would have to be planned in advance.

      I also feel this would appeal to the community that thinks fuel should be implemented.

      Here are some negatives

      Getting stranded
      Would npc's use this same mechanic
      Cloaking is already difficult to stay stable and this system would make it even harder
      It would be a harder start for new players unless they could dock to shops

      This is just my spin on the issue and I still enjoy the current system. I like the idea of reactor stabilizers too but I thought I would just throw this out there to see what you guys think
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    2. Drakkart

      Nov 3, 2014
      The sheer classification between ship and station was always frustrating.
      A carrier which is able to have harvesters docked should also be able to carry fuel generation for it's fighters and itself. still as a carrier can move it would be declared as ship. sorry no like...
    3. Valck

      Jun 27, 2013
      What you suggest is essentially changing a few configurable variables which can currently be done without any dev action required, and could take into account balancing cloakers etc. as well. I'm not sure whether the new power system would allow for a configuration like this.

      It also has been thought of and discussed before, neither of which should mean it's not a valid suggestion.

      A Universe with finite Power?
      A Manifesto on Fuel, Balancing, and Various Play Styles
    4. Jake_Lancia

      Jake_Lancia Official Source of Blame

      Oct 2, 2013
    5. kiddan

      kiddan Supporter of Critical Thought

      May 12, 2014
      It's a shame your poll option for disagreeing makes people throw shade towards yourself. =/

      This can be done with some config options already, so your system is already implemented, in a sense. I doubt a majority would want to play with limited fuel, though. There's already enough to manage if you don't play solo.
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    6. Dire Venom

      Feb 27, 2014
      Its been run on some servers before. Some players quite like it, others not so much.