space station

    1. kithwood

      AVALON - a space city in cyberpunk style (in progress)

      Hello We present you our biggest project: A cyberpunk city inside starmade. This city is built around an artificial asteroid, which can be reached by tram. All buildings can be explored. This is the spawn of a future server in preparation. BY: Kithwood, doob_doob and ChrisTita Planned...
    2. I

      Anadius Station 2019-09-10

      Hello! Anadius Station is based off of Cronos Station concept art. I might make all of the different concepts into stations and release a Station pack, not too sure yet. Currently a WIP, and only contains a two hangars with a total of 5 kodiaks docked. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
    3. I

      Cerberus Headquarters- Cronos Station 2019-09-10

      Hi! I've been experimenting with a signature interior styling for all of my stations and have settled on having dark hallways with red lights, giving an emergency lighting feel- like being on a submarine or boat. Most rooms have a low ceiling and are cramped, aside from certain rooms like the...
    4. I

      Kahje Manufacturing Station 2019-04-07

      Just a quick station I threw together while playing around. The exterior design was inspired by a Drell city from a mass effect comic. I was originally going to design the tower piece last, but decided it looked better without it. May be updated in the future to include a central tower. Station...
    5. I

      Cronos Station 2019-03-17

      This is probably the final update of the Cronos Station that I will be uploading for a long time, as I spent a lot of time doing and redoing parts of the interior. The exterior is the same as my other uploads, except with two smaller hangars added. The interior was the biggest challenge. Most...
    6. DeepspaceMechanic

      ALIEN TARGET PRACTICE - Kill the wasps before you kill the hive! v1

      After some amount of daydreaming-aloud about such a thing in different threads, I finally made it. Allow me to present this alien-style interactive station, fitted with a shield sensor / defense drone launching system! Attack it with larger ships for a fun-enough PvE experience. The station...
    7. I

      Small Outpost Station v0.201.370

      A small outpost station with shielding and a faction block in the main section and a single shuttle in one of the docking bays. The tower look was loosely based on a basic comm tower model from Mass Effect 2.
    8. DeepspaceMechanic

      Nuntius 818 - Interplanetary Comms Relay Outpost v1.2

      You went on a research expedition to the Kuiper Belt, and want to make sure that your collected data reaches Earth losslessly? You got lost in the Trans-Neptunian region, and you'd prefer if your distress signal would reach help sooner rather than later? One of your drones went out of control...
    9. D

      Hospitality Station (W.I.P.) 1.0

      Warning: This is a work in progress, so expect to see some changes over time. Also, I'm currently in the stages of gutting the older power system, to make way for the new power system. Not sure where the main reactor will be yet, but once I'm done the station will be a powerless husk...
    10. Tshara

      Zero-G Racing 1.0

      Today we are bringing you a new and exciting build to spice up your life in the universe. Zero-G Racing is a vast paced racing game with plenty of opportunities for events. Because of its compact one structure layout it’s very easy to set up. WARNING Links between race gates are not saved...
    11. symbiot999

      Random teleporting

      Last night i went through a worm hole I got out of it and then ever time I am near a station or store I randomly teleport 1100m away. I have let the game even after last night and traved 2000km but am still randonly teleporting evertime I get next to them. AnyIdeas?
    12. symbiot999

      Trade guild stations

      I know its possible to hurt and take over pirate station but is it possible to damage and take over a trade guild station?
    13. symbiot999

      Warheads landmines

      Warheads: Is there a way to make them explode when a ship comes in contact with them? Any body know? I thought it would be cool to have them surrond my space sation so when pirates or others run in to them they take damage. Never mind figured it out
    14. symbiot999

      Moving a space station?

      I was recently on a sever and I had asked a admin on there to move my space station closer to my planet. He responded with "no you will have to move it manually". So is that even possible?
    15. DeepspaceMechanic

      The "StellarWind" warp station v1.2

      Allow me to introduce my first stargate, The "StellarWind" warp station, a marvel of technology bridging the vast, cold and unforgiving interstellar vacuums between the solar systems of your interest. I actually built most of this station in 3 days in early November (2016), and finalized it...
    16. symbiot999

      changeing space stations

      I don't know if this is in the right spot but is there any way to change your space station? Cause I got one but I found a better one that it says I can but but then it says I can't spawn in more then one location is there a way that I can either own 2 space stations or abandon my current one? I...
    17. Markus_McCloud

      The Station Alternative to overheating: MELTDOWN

      Markus_McCloud once again. So I've read this thread and thought a bit about Pirate space stations. They may be fun to destroy as well as a good way to beta-test a starship before releasing it to the Dock, but there's not much of a reward for those who actively seek and destroy them. Sure, the...
    18. Zekester81

      Xylanth Class Space Fortress V2.2

      A rebuild of a rebuild of the old abandoned station. I pulled the old one as it was EXTREMELY outdated. Has four light interceptor fighters with launch platform(using wireless, don't forget to connect it). Wireless connectors are right next to each other behind the rail for each fighter...
    19. Daytodie

      Earth Station Gamma 2017-03-25

      Earth Station Gamma. A full station system featuring. Landing deck and enclosed bays Main building with medical and ops. not all fitted out to allow customising. Numerous defensive turrets. Spinning accommodation area with sorts field and pool. Use the teleports to get around and gravity in...
    20. M

      Lost Shangri-La *Fixed* Version 1: 2017-02-16

      Fixed up, fully functional version of the dead coasting ship known as the Lost Shangri-La. Comes with 4 shuttles on each side with room for 6. It's Shield systems are at 3 million and holds 50 million power with 1.5 mill power generation. Special thanks and credits to player compu for lending...