Zero-G Racing

    Zero-G Racing 1.0

    Today we are bringing you a new and exciting build to spice up your life in the universe. Zero-G Racing is a vast paced racing game with plenty of opportunities for events.

    Because of its compact one structure layout it’s very easy to set up.


    Links between race gates are not saved in a blueprint. You will have to relink the race computers to make this work.

    • Get out your marker beam
    • Right click on the race computer of gate 23 until the location is stored
    • Left click on the computer of gate 22 to input the information.
    • Repeat the above only from gate 22 to gate 21.
    • Continue until all computers are linked. Don’t forget the staring computer in the control area. That’s gate 0.
    First release
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    4.83 star(s) 6 ratings

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    Latest reviews

    only and best use of race gates ive ever seen
    I like it, definitely the best I've seen but it is not colourful enough to feel like an exciting sci-fi race track and does not use the 3d space to it's full potential. It could do with 45 degree turns to make sure that the racers keep the momentum

    and while it looks good from the top inside it looks generic and every turn is indistinguishable
    This is my favorite racing track I've seen in Starmade. The tube's minimal design is very appealing and easily understood, the weight of the vehicles adds great depth to the gameplay, and the setup is quick and easy to understand.

    I can definitely see myself having a lot of fun with this track in the near and distant future!
    Excellent race course, but could benefit from 3D shape to spice things up even more ;)
    very nice , fun and beautifull ,great job ^^