Nuntius 818 - Interplanetary Comms Relay Outpost

    Nuntius 818 - Interplanetary Comms Relay Outpost v1.2

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    You went on a research expedition to the Kuiper Belt, and want to make sure that your collected data reaches Earth losslessly?

    You got lost in the Trans-Neptunian region, and you'd prefer if your distress signal would reach help sooner rather than later?

    One of your drones went out of control and accidentally exited the Heliosphere with around 60,000 km/h, and you're having a hard time finding it on your radar?

    Or you just wish to share your latest creation on SMD, but Jupiter and its gigantic magnetic field happen to be right between you and the earthly internet?

    Well, no need to worry anymore - the "Nuntius 818" Interplanetary Comms Relay Outpost has you covered! ;)

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    Some fun-facts and noteworthy features:
    • I worked on this station for ten days.
    • "Nuntius" means "messenger" in Latin.
    • It's about 650m wide/long and 400m tall.
    • It was built with crazy amounts of copy-pasting, borrowing mostly from my Mysterious Science Station
    • It has two USD docking ports, which lead to the central building with high-speed tram platforms.
    • To be viable as an abandoned station, all buttons and doors have Public Permission blocks.
    • The eight radio telescopes have a 20 sec. looped animation, which you can turn on/off from the observation tower.
    • Here's the download link for the dockable radio telescope: Radio telescope
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    1. Modernized systems; all-around touch-up

      The systems setup of both the main entity and its turret arsenal was modernized to new configs...

    Latest reviews

    You are the god of comm stations. Wow. just wow. My eyes are probably feeding my brain misinformation... and thanks again, because I had an idea for a sausage-ship made of several spinning segments before. to make up for my lack of aiming capability, the idea was to have each section blasting out lasers. I know how to do that now. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.
    An insane build! The radio telescopes are really fun to stare at (especially at slower speed settings), and the interiors and lighting are fabulous as always!
    Thanks a lot! - Nice to know that you too like how those telescopes move. I always find it interesting when large portions of StarMade structures can move separately.

    And thanks for saying that the interior and the lighting are fabulous, I'm flattered... I didn't even know that I'm good when it comes to lighting effects, and although the interior of this station is significantly smaller than the ones I usually build, I guess that reactor room really turned out nicely :)
    this is... AWESOME!!!!
    Thanks! - I'm glad that you like it :)