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    Lost Shangri-La *Fixed* Version 1: 2017-02-16

    Fixed up, fully functional version of the dead coasting ship known as the Lost Shangri-La

    1. Marshmallow
      Fixed up, fully functional version of the dead coasting ship known as the Lost Shangri-La. Comes with 4 shuttles on each side with room for 6. It's Shield systems are at 3 million and holds 50 million power with 1.5 mill power generation.
      Outside of the ship (Wide angle)
      Inside one of the shuttle bays where you can see the two small shuttles and one of the larger ones stored here
      The two larger shuttles
      Outside of the hangar, showing the docking mechanism
      The nose of the station (ship)
      Factory units
      jDv3T98 - Imgur.png
      The stats of the ship
      Wide shot showing the entire ship (in the corner you see a docking bit that I use to dock my bigger ships to, where I then take the shuttle to the ship).


      I've grown tired of messing around with the code of this forum in order to try to make the pictures work so use the website
      for the images.....
      I'll fix this when I figure it out
      EDIT: It's been fixed
      Special thanks and credits to player
      for lending me their shuttle design and
      for "lending" me their CRT Mosquito for use as a shuttle.

    Recent Reviews

    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: Version 1: 2017-02-16
      GLaD its working, so i cna really kill taht homicidal AI
    2. Gasboy
      Version: Version 1: 2017-02-16
      Is... is this the station-ship that you can sometimes find in vanilla StarMade? Now a real ship?

      This is fantastic!
      1. Marshmallow
        Author's Response
        Actually... It's a space station, but I'll most likely convert one into a ship when I have the time