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    Cerberus Headquarters- Cronos Station 2019-09-10

    Cronos Station from mass effect 3 *with updated interior*

    1. IcedCoffee24
      Game version:
      I've been experimenting with a signature interior styling for all of my stations and have settled on having dark hallways with red lights, giving an emergency lighting feel- like being on a submarine or boat. Most rooms have a low ceiling and are cramped, aside from certain rooms like the central chamber or the 'rib room' pictured below. I have also changed the hangars lights to blue, and mixed blue and red lights in to give a bit of colour. The exterior is mostly unchanged. Once again, station isn't complete just yet but just uploading a copy incase I lose everything.
      STARMADE CRONOS CHART 2.png The 'rib room' coming off the main hangar as if you are walking into the heart of the station: Rib_Room1.jpg Central chamber: Rib_Room2.jpg Room3.jpg fghsdfghsfg.jpg
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