1. AtraUnam

      Atlas Mobile-Refinery 1.0

      My submission for the community build initiative mobile factory/refinery competition. Honestly this isn't my best work as I kind of burn't out near the end but I hope its at least worth an honorable mention. Has little bits of lore on display modules all over the place so worth looking around.
    2. DeepspaceMechanic

      The airlock of your dreams? (template + dockable entity variants) v1

      Do you desire a deeply immersive airlock experience? Do you wish that your pressure chambers made a good initial impression on the visitors of your structures? Are you sick and tired of having to build sufficiently logiced entrances every time you're working on a new ship or station? Well, this...
    3. AtraUnam

      Atlas Renta-Freighter 1.0

    4. Markus_McCloud

      Ace of Spades 1.0

      Hello once again! Markus_McCloud here! Today, McCloudCorp is proud to bring you our latest-- ...Wait... This ship doesn't look like one of ours... What kind of ship is this...? Hey, HEY! Fuck off, ya corporate mouthpiece! This is MY ship, not yours! Don't cha have some shareholders to...
    5. IR0NSIGHT

      Kenya 1

      This ship is supposed to fill the gap between the SnakeEye frigate (20k mass) and battleships (100k+ mass). Its 53k mass heavy, and currently has only makeshift power systems that feed a heavy double-barrel beam weapon. It brings 4 pointdefense turrets mounted to its sides and a frontal hangar...
    6. IR0NSIGHT

      Scalar 1

      A dedicated miner in the style of a construction-site bulldozer, purpose built as a starter vessel. Fields 7 super-heavy mining beams and a very generous cargo hold. Has a mining bonus 2 chamber, and topspeed 3. Its has very overpowered engines (fitting its look) to be able to run away quickly...
    7. IR0NSIGHT

      RattleSnake (hull) 1

      The (asthetic) successor to the Snakeeye (SnakeEye) Essentially i tried to cram in as much detail into the SnakeEyes hull while adding PD turrets and getting rid of silly details like the outer bridge. Interior consists of automated airlocks, a walkable bridge and a walkable engine room (which...
    8. IR0NSIGHT

      Ashley-Grant Freighter 1

      A big cargo freighter that i am currently building. Containers are missing right now. Features walkable interior with automatic airlock, entry hall, sleeping quaters, med-bay, bridge. Has fully working power systems, but no chambers. Tried to capture the asthetic of an oilrig here. Will try...
    9. P

      USS Nova NCC 73515 2021-09-04

      This is a remake of the version from aeiowndy, that I found on the dock Stats: Width: 97m Height: 43m Length: 187m It's a full "roleplay" ship with 7 accesable decks Deck 1 - Bridge - Ready room - Briefing room - 2 Quarters - 4 Escapepods Deck 2 - Transporter room - Mess Hall - Science Lab -...
    10. sayerulz

      DD-11 Gladius-Class destroyer 1

      Designed as a fleet escort/light attacker, the Gladius-class is the first design produced by our shipyards in several years. In the time since, technological advances have caused us to rethink our design philosophy entirely. Despite teething problems caused by engineers being unfamiliar with...
    11. IR0NSIGHT

      Gateway station set 1

      These two stations are designes to be part of a bigger warpgate network. The gateway station comes with a full roleplay interior: 2 big rooms, walkable reactor spine, automated elevator, logic airlocks. The smaller gate has an airlock and a computer room. Both radar dishes on the gateway...
    12. IR0NSIGHT

      Venom 2021-12-29

      The Venom was designed to defend stations against enemy battleships, deployed in big groups. It proved to be far to small and its 4 frontal cannons outgunned very fast, leading to only 3 of these ships ever being produced. Instead it was rebuilt into the SnakeEye...
    13. IR0NSIGHT

      SnakeEye 2

      This 20k mass corvette comes in at 146m length and was purpose built for station defense, deployed in fleets of 10 ships, using Wolfpack tactics against much larger ships. Its armed with a heavy heat-seaking missile launcher (4k blocks) and a backup beam weapon (1.5k blocks) to counter the...
    14. M

      Codelock v1

      An advanced codelock for your security needs Features easy password change and display operations. All wiring instructions are on an attached display. All display contents should be confirmed after installation System consists of three components: outer display-and-button module, password...
    15. M

      Airlock Controller v2

      A universal airlock controller. Supports manual and automatic cycle, up to three outer docking ports. A working example of this system can be seen on modified GS-91 series (it was developed specially for them) Features included: cycling, visual (light) indication, lockdown feature. The system...
    16. Holzstock

      Frigate REEJA MK-17 17

      The first 'proper' ship I've ever built in Starmade, guess I don't even have to mention the sauce if inspiration for this one. It went through many, many refurbishes since I first put it together. Figured I'd upload it rather than letting it rot on my harddrive.
    17. AtraUnam

      Nauvinoc Omin-Ship prototype 1.0

      Just had the build spark suddenly come back, literally built this thing in a single day to shake off the rust so appologies if its not up to my old level of quality. Its got some nice rail antenas with an in-ship toggle and a super simple airlock that I'm honestly not proud of. Anyway please...
    18. Roninx

      Imperial Outpost (Starwars) 1.0

      I built this as an interactive pirate station on my own server, it launches tie fighters when a player arrives. The design itself is not canon. The tie fighters are my design. This holds LN's, INT's and Bombers 4 of each. All is as close to 1:1 as possible.
    19. I

      Scout Frigate + Small General Update 2020-07-22

      Hello! I wanted a ship that looked sleek and curvy, whilst at the same time appeasing my extremely small scale building. Equipped with a radar jammer, advanced scanner and jump autocharge. No weapons. Was a mix of Starcraft 2's 'Griffin' and Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter's ranger ship, pictured...
    20. DeepspaceMechanic


      Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents the Watatsumi-class battlecruiser: the glorious sea dragon deity thing of StarMade's universe. Have fun with it, and tell us what you liked, or what you think could use improvement! :) You can download its heavy turrets separately: Optimus pack and...