DD-11 Gladius-Class destroyer

    DD-11 Gladius-Class destroyer 1

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    Designed as a fleet escort/light attacker, the Gladius-class is the first design produced by our shipyards in several years. In the time since, technological advances have caused us to rethink our design philosophy entirely.

    Despite teething problems caused by engineers being unfamiliar with new technologies, the Gladius-class is a sleek, powerful ship. Equipped with four 200mm coil guns in single turret mounts, three 20mm MK-I point-defense cannons, seven 40mm MK-II point-defense cannons, and four mid-range torpedo launchers, the Gladius carries considerable firepower. Adding to that, the ship is fast, built with a high top speed enhanced by new reactor chamber technology. It is also equipped with powerful scanning equipment, in keeping with it's role as a fleet escort.

    However, all this firepower and equipment came at the cost of durability: The Gladius has limited shielding and little armor save on the nose. This was considered acceptable, since it was never intended to operate alone, rather, it was intended to operate either in packs or in support of heavy cruiser and battleship class ships, the completion of which was still pending. It also lacks versatility, with little cargo space, no ability to land, and no fighters, shuttles, or any other craft being carried.

    The interior quarters of the Gladius are cramped and low ceilinged, but contain all the amenities required for mid-range cruising, including the toilets and showers that crew complained of the absence of on many ships.

    Due to the unfamiliarity with the technologies we were working with, the Gladius's systems are filled with inefficiencies and irregularities, however, given time constraints, the ships were put out on the market anyway, with the chief engineer saying: "I might fix it sometime, I don't know."

    I was basically learning the new systems as I went when building this, and as a result I know it's not very well set up. But since it's more meant for RP than combat anyway, I decided to leave it as is. Maybe some day I'll come back to this ship, and any future ships I make will have neater and more efficient systems, but for now, it is what it is. At any rate, have fun with it.
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