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    Gateway station set 1

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    These two stations are designes to be part of a bigger warpgate network.
    The gateway station comes with a full roleplay interior: 2 big rooms, walkable reactor spine, automated elevator, logic airlocks.

    The smaller gate has an airlock and a computer room.

    Both radar dishes on the gateway station randomly choose rotation speed, direction and angle at each turn.
    They are self starting.

    The stations dont have shields or weapons because they were designed to be used as part of an admin setup warpgate network on skies of eden.

    The gates themselves have a 150m (?) diameter, and are upgraded to distance 2 and power efficiency 3,
    The gateway station has a power surplus, so can be fitted with more consumers.

    starmade-screenshot-0228.png starmade-screenshot-0232.png starmade-screenshot-0237.png starmade-gif-0020.gif starmade-gif-0019.gif starmade-screenshot-0230.png starmade-screenshot-0231.png starmade-screenshot-0238.png
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