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    Hello once again! Markus_McCloud here!

    Today, McCloudCorp is proud to bring you our latest--

    ...Wait... This ship doesn't look like one of ours... What kind of ship is this...?

    Hey, HEY! Fuck off, ya corporate mouthpiece! This is MY ship, not yours! Don't cha have some shareholders to jack-off or some shit?

    Ugh... God... Aaaaaanyways... Yo! Jackie O'Donnell here! This here is my pride and joy, the Ace of Spades!
    It's my personal bounty-hunting ship! As to how I got it? Well, there was this cocky rich guy who wanted to challenge me to a few rounds of poker, and let's just say that ya shouldn't gamble when you've got more booze in your system than blood!


    It's got full livin' quarters, a jump-drive, landin' gear, and enough thrust to get off-world! 'Cuz really, who needs a mothership?


    The onboard ship AI, M.A.R.C.I.N.E., is great at drivin' the ship while I'm either away, drunk, conked out, or a combination of the three.


    Gotta say, the cockpit gives you a good view of the action!


    This little bastard is armed with a mean lead-spitter at the front, homin' missiles, and laser mines! I personally use the mines as a li'l goodbye present!

    Anyways, this dragoness has gotta go. Hope ya like the blueprints! Just don't sell it to corpos, m'kay?
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