USS Voyager NCC 74656

    USS Voyager NCC 74656 2024-05-22

    Game version
    Here A long overdue upload of my version of the Voyager, It's almost done, but because of lack of time, not finished with the logic of the escape pods.

    The ship has a full 15 deck access through 4 turbo lifts, the interiour is own design, as the brig is located on deck 15. I've tried to keep some things more accurated like messhall on deck 2, and sickbay on deck 5

    The logic that works is programmed as follow:

    1.1. Left Raildocker
    1.2. Left Airlock door (Deck 8)
    1.3. Front Raildocker
    1.4. Front Airlock door (Deck 8)
    1.5. Right Raildocker
    1.6. Right Airlock door (Deck 8)
    1.7. Aft. Raildocker
    1.8. Aft. Airlock door (Deck 1)
    1.9 Scanner
    1.0. Landing Mecanism

    2.1. Tractor Beam
    2.2. Salvage Beam
    2.3. Astro Tech
    2.4. Canon
    2.5. Canon
    2.6. Missles
    2.7. Missles
    2.8. Damage Beam
    2.9. Damage Beam
    2.0. Damage Beam

    3.1. Jump Drive

    9.1. Front Left Cargo door
    9.2. Front Right Cargo door
    9.3. Aft. Left Cargo door
    9.4. Aft. Main Cargo door
    9.5. Aft. Right Cargo door
    9.6 Lower Left Cargo door
    9.7. Lower Right Cargo door
    9.8. Shuttlebay door
    9.9. Escape hatch door (Deck 3)
    9.0. Escape hatch door (Deck 11)

    10.1. Aero Shuttle
    10.2. Delta Flyer
    10.3. Baxian
    10.4. Type 8 Cargo Shuttle
    10.5. Type 8 Shutlle
    10.6 .Type 6 Shuttle
    10.7. Class 2 Shuttle
    10.8. Type 2 Work Bee 1
    10.9. Type 2 Work Bee 2
    10.0. Core*

    * To eject the core, the doors of the cargobays have to be closed and the landing gear must be retrackted.
    ** All doors and landing gear will autoclose when the ship is moving.
    *** Main Clock can be reset on deck 2, and for the rotation of the nacelles you need to activate the clock at the left nacelle logic. when the logic is activated the nacells will rotatie automatic when you move the ship. (Thrusters)

    I hope you all will have alot of fun with the ship that got a lot of love building it.

    Sorry for the overkill with docked entity's from doors etc.

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