1. foodice11

      More than just wireless

      I find that wireless logic blocks are often an award solution when working with docked entities. They don't connect automatically when docking, making them clumsy for modular things and for sending signals to arbitrary ships. I propose two independent solutions that each have their own merits...
    2. foodice11

      Logic interfaces

      Basically, add a new "Accessor" logic block that replaces the role of the activator and signal blocks in how they interact with non logic blocks like rails and computers. This block would have a ui that lists the functions of the block it is connected to. You would select either an input...
    3. ArgoContar

      RS-LFV-0102-Roun 0102

      Just a little something i made for a competition by Rashala . Rhoen Systems-Light Fighter Vessel-0102-Roun Full armament is 2 cannons, 2 missiles as well as 2 very small pd turrets on the back. Please leave me some honest reviews. :) Additional assistance and consultation by: StarGuy1701...
    4. ScorpionInc

      7 Segment Decoder - 3 Wide Green Display v.2.0

      This is a simple 3 light(green) in width, seven segment decoder circuit. Input is 4 bits(Base-2) wide with the values of(0->15) inclusive. Resultant display output is green colored in Hexadecimal(Base-16) output with values of(0->F) inclusive. Please note that this is not...
    5. ScorpionInc

      1-Bit Memory Module 8-Bit Addressed v.3.0

      1-bit memory modules store one bit at 256 addresses for random access reading / writing in logic circuits. All RAM blocks are built off of these memory modules (while modern ones are much larger in address space) so optimizing them is key to optimizing the 8-bit RAM block's size and efficency...
    6. ScorpionInc

      8-Bit Addressed Multiplexer/Demultiplexer v.2.0

      One of the most tedious parts of any RAM design is wiring the multiplexer/demultiplexer. Expecially when there is no Shift+C like there is a Shift+V in Starmade. For a more indepth understanding of what a multiplexer and demultiplexer is and what they do I recommend checking out the additional...
    7. Anubis Evo

      Type-25 "Spirit" Dropship Release

      Spirit Type-25 Ever wanted to fly around the iconic tuning-fork design of the Covenant Spirit from the Halo franchise? Now you can! Complete with functional Troop bays, the glowy blue energy between the prongs, and the capability to carry two ghosts or 1 medium size vehicle. More pictures...
    8. Anubis Evo

      Type-57 "Phantom" Dropship Release

      Been on this kick of late where I have wanted to make lots of Covenant ships from the Halo Universe; it's been a ton of fun. Yes, I know this ship isn't Covenant, it's Sangheili. Either way, the alien design of their ships are challenging and rewarding to create, and I hope that anyone who...
    9. Reilly Reese

      Allow Area Trigger Controllers to function without physical contact.

      Currently ATCs only function when physically touching the modules they are meant to activate despite being able to be connected to blocks they aren't physically touching. Is this an oversight maybe?
    10. SchnellBier

      SBS Shreya [QF] 2019-06-25

      WARNING: THIS SHIP ONLY WORKS WITH THE QUICKFIRE CONFIG. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE CLICK THIS LINK. Introducing: The SBS Shreya [QF] Special Features: - Landing Gear - Cockpit - 3.0 Thrust/Mass ratio (476 m/s max Speed) - Multi-Charge Jumpdrive Additional Pictures: Base Stats: Mass...
    11. ScorpionInc

      8-Bit Barrel Shifter 1.0

      A Barrel Shifter is much like the standard shift operations found in most ALU designs. However they have the distinct benefit of being able to do in one operation what might otherwise take several much like using adders repeatedly or using a multiplication circuit. Shift/Rotation operations have...
    12. ScorpionInc

      8BitAddress-8Wide RAM Block 1.0

      RAM Block memory module stores up to 256 unique addressed 8-wide bytes using NAND based SR-Latches Configured as D-Latches uses wireless connections and rails for each sub-memory module. My newer design uses about 3000 blocks fewer by eliminating unneeded de/muxers, merging each memory...
    13. ScorpionInc

      4BitAddressSpace RAM Block 1.0

      Address space is 4-bits wide and data is 8-bits wide. Allows for the storage of up to 16 uniquely addressed bytes. D-Latches are designed using Gated NAND SR-Latches. My newer designs tend to use AND-OR Latches as it allows me to save a logic block and uses fewer NOT gates. Could also...
    14. DeepspaceMechanic

      The elevator of your dreams? (Now in two sizes!) v1.2

      Do you wish you had an elevator with 20 times as many totally-unnecessary-but-very-cool features as essential ones? Do you desire a deeply immersive elevator experience that would make you forget that you're in StarMade? Do you share the opinion that flat-platform-only elevators are the past...
    15. MacThule

      Controlling blinky-light circuits

      For blinky-light circuits, I typically use a very small Activator->Not->(X)Delay->Original Activator. This tiny circuit works great for the most part, because either they're turned on and flashing, or I mash the activator a couple of times until they cease and desist. Anyway; trying to build a...
    16. Captain Fortius

      SSV Normandy SR1 2019-02-07

      Systems alliance Space Vehicle, Normandy Stealth- Reconnaisance One. This legend of Sci-Fi gaming comes from Bioware's 2007 title, Mass Effect, And is likely as familiar to most of you as the room you're sitting in while reading this. I'm certainly not the first to recreate it in Starmade, and...
    17. Zekester81

      Docking Arm Mock-up 1.2

      Mockup of extendable docking arm and wireless/auto extend/retract control setup. The logic is not compacted, left open so all connections could be seen. Display modules tell where to connect wireless. This has a door, docking arm, and small ship docked. When arm is fully extended, pickup rail...
    18. Crashmaster

      Support tool; handheld wireless remote

      A new support tool item that you can link to a wireless block and control it from astronaut mode would be nice. Being able to name them would be nice if you wished to have more than one.
    19. PromisedPossum

      Toggle logic using inner remote 3-way switch possible?

      I would like to be able to toggle a rail in 3 variations/directions via 1 inner remote button on the hotbar is this possible? I have been able to do multiples of 2 using the flip-flops but odd numbers elude me*. I thought I'd seen this done in a thread but cannot find it. To be clear I'm not...
    20. Crashmaster

      Kyphosis 2019-01-07

      Ship made with starting items and credits. Logic wings, hatches, cargo deck. Much activator, very push. https://starmadedock.net/threads/juniper-rocket-appliances.25409/page-2#post-375207