Logic interfaces

    Does this make it too gui-dependent?

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    Jul 1, 2013
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    Basically, add a new "Accessor" logic block that replaces the role of the activator and signal blocks in how they interact with non logic blocks like rails and computers. This block would have a ui that lists the functions of the block it is connected to. You would select either an input function or an output function. An input function makes the block do something, and an output function outputs a logic signal when something happens or is happening.

    Some examples

    Rails would have logic outputs like, entity docked/undocked, docking failed and moving entity obstructed/blocked. Then there would be input functions like undocking, and rotation. It could even specify how much to rotate.
    When attached to the core, it would allow you to activate thrusters in different directions, break and turn towards set coordinates (possibly stored in a display module) and activate the warpdrive. This could output when moving, when over a certain speed or when coming out of warp.
    With weapons you could sustain fire or fire a single shot and detect when they go off or run out of missiles.
    With gravity modules, you could have it only turn gravity on, only deactivate gravity, or toggle it.
    With area detection, you could detect exiting, entering, or sustain a signal so long as there is something there. (for the record, gravity modules should just connect directly with trigger area. fewer blocks on tiny elevator lifts.)
    For some cases it would be useful for the logic access block to track several blocks. For example, you connect it to a line of rails by hitting C on the accessor and V on the rails and set it to output when "moving entity obstructed". This would allow you to pack ships in a hangar using the by knowing when to stop moving ships along a rail.

    Let me know what you think. Does this make it too gui-dependent?


    Eldrich Timelord
    Jan 16, 2014
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    Logic is one of the few systems that's really viable.

    The only thing I'd ever think it needs is a reverse-hookup command:
    -where c -> v connects from-to chain
    -we need a c -> (keybind) should connect to-from chain, and support Shift+(keybind) for multiples (like rails)

    LUA scipting is halfway implemented, so adding some kind of LUA-control block makes a type of sense for some of those options...maybe in the bobby AI module?


    Me, myself and I.
    Mar 12, 2015
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    For sensing your thruster speed you can already use the sensor block connected to a thruster block, but I like this idea better. Has more versatility.