Codelock v1

    Game version
    An advanced codelock for your security needs

    Features easy password change and display operations. All wiring instructions are on an attached display. All display contents should be confirmed after installation

    System consists of three components: outer display-and-button module, password change terminal (separate) and inner door switch (a simple button)

    WARNING! The system will close the door automatically after 2 seconds (deemed enough to pass through the door).

    The terminal consists of a screen and two buttons, one of which must be adjacent to the screen (password copy button, better to be hidden from the user to avoid occasional hits). Sensors need to be connected to inputs corresponding to their adjacent inputs (white to door screen, black to pw change terminal screen) to compare screen data.

    Installation dimensions are 6x9x2, operating dimensions 6x9x1.
    Terminal assembly not included, it is really simple and can be made to fit the installation site. The "password copy button" is master connected to the screen not having an adjacent button on the main circuit (Password storage screen) and slaved to a marked circuit piece as written on the included display module

    Will be happy to hear your feedback to improve the lock
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