More than just wireless

    Jul 1, 2013
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    I find that wireless logic blocks are often an award solution when working with docked entities. They don't connect automatically when docking, making them clumsy for modular things and for sending signals to arbitrary ships.

    I propose two independent solutions that each have their own merits and could even work side by side.

    Signal beams: This new block projects a very short range beam that will activate blocks it hits much like the activation beam of a ship core. It fires when activated with logic. I believe it would be elegant to apply this to cargo transfer as well.

    Named wireless activators: My preferred solution, you can tag a wireless block with a name. The hash of this name is then stored. When the ship docks, it will check for other wireless modules on the parent structure with the same hash and automatically link them both ways. When the ship undocks, these disconnect. An option to have the wireless module not automatically disconnect could be put in the naming UI.


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    Mar 12, 2015
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    Yeah, this one has been requested in different forms by different players in the past. Great minds and all that.
    Still a valid request! I hope it or something similar is eventually added to the game somehow, because it has so much potential.
    Cargo pod manipulation and docking is my own interest.