Smart factory [WIP][RU/EN]

    Smart factory [WIP][RU/EN] 0.82

    Game version
    State: ~50% is done but it works.
    Size: 45x14x21

    -> Blueprint as a station <-
    (I use blueprints to figure out what I need to mine to build such things)

    The factory has no enhancers and not enough cargo so assign them manually.
    Sensors used to make people notice some problems, such like: almost no space for stuff, not enough energy.
    Available translations: English, Russian.

    v0.82 (didn't shoot pictures yet)
    v0.8 added control area \/

    v0.7 \/

    Oh, reactor consumption: 2210%

    Some weird bug causes text/data disappearing for blueprints/templates sometimes so make double check, especially after rejoining!
    I didn't find out what it might cause.

    The game still doesn't save recipes and storage's caps :c

    Text in displays shows always differently on all languages and it's a bug.
    • New size
    • More factories
    • Bugfixes
    • More logical system
    • Recheck sensors
    • Reserve/additional storage (personal storage)
    • More useful info
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    First release
    Last update
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    Latest updates

    1. Fixed control area, added more factories etc

      Fixed text, changed design slightly
    2. New content, bugfixes, new area

      New size: 45x14x21 Added: control area
    3. New content, bugfixes, new design

      New size: 32x13x20