Airlock Controller

    Airlock Controller v2

    Game version
    A universal airlock controller. Supports manual and automatic cycle, up to three outer docking ports.
    A working example of this system can be seen on modified GS-91 series (it was developed specially for them)

    Features included: cycling, visual (light) indication, lockdown feature. The system is capable of determining which docking port is used and opening ONLY that docking port. If another port is used at the same airlock the system will open another door, otherwise all unused doors remain shut.
    If the lockdown is enabled the airlock will cycle to "pressurized" position and remain there.
    On ship docking while depressurized the system will automatically pressurize unless set to manual

    The main purpose of the system is to provide ships too narrow to accomodate double airlocks a means to dock with any available side, but can be used anywhere you consider it to be of any use.

    Incompatible with rail doors "from the box", will require additional plugins on signal transmission stage to be usable with rails.

    Installation size is 7x7x2 (LxWxH), operating size 7x5x2. Wiring instructions are on integrated display.
    USD detector consists of an activator (any) attached to every operating part of a standard USD

    Will be glad to read any productive feedback
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