1. MrGrey1

      MRGS Long Haul Carrier 190516

      MrGrey1's Shipyard proudly presents the Long Haul Carrier. In production for almost a year, the carrier is the current pinnacle of my mining fleet and supports 20 Mining Drones, 2 Support ships and a large Heavy Miner. With more then 11 Million cargo capacity on the carrier alone this fleet...
    2. Wilavid7

      CRT Leatherback Mk 1.0

      Adding an extremely versatile vessel to our lineup, Cargo/Resource Transporters are proud to present the CRT-Leatherback. This cargo carrier features two large landing pads on its top and bottom, allowing multiple vessels to be hauled by a single pilot. The ship also features four USD docks...
    3. MrGrey1

      MRGS Mining Carrier 199 200514

      A small mining carrier with 6 drones and an on board salvager. For those players who would like to experiment with drone mining, this is an efficient, inexpensive little miner with lots of cargo space and an RP interior. I've tried to keep the ship simple yet fun to use. I have left a lot of the...
    4. DuckyQuacks

      EvE Online - Fighter - Cyclops 1.0

      EvE Online Ship Repositories presents! The Cyclops Brief overview: The Cyclops is a 'Heavy Fighter' designed by the Gallente for use in their 'Supercarrier' class ships - it features four 'Salvo Missiles' which are able to do vast amounts of damage at large ranges. These fighters are designed...
    5. 100mil cannon

      CS-A150-M Mining Drone Carrier 2018-02-03

      The Combat Salvage CS-A150-M is a mining drone carrier, with minimal interior, and no weapons. carries 4 drones, each having 5 groups of 10 salvage moduals. Includes Captains Cabin, crew cabin, bridge, and reactor room.
    6. Kextractor

      Clone Wars Acclamator-class assault ship CHIBI 2017-12-09

      Wookipedia Link: Acclamator-class assault ship Info: This is a CHIBI version of the Acclamator troop carrier from the Clone Wars. It is built at a similar scale and style to Skylord Luke's CHIBI Venator. With both ships and the Arquitens I posted earlier, you can make some pretty full CHIBI...
    7. BoomMicGuy

      SCS-Kraken-V-EscortCarrier 2.0

      This is StarCorps first official carrier. It is designed as an escort carrier to protect mining missions and to sometimes patrol space. The ship is also equipped with a scanner to hunt down possible threats. It is useful for small scale engagements where it can launch its eight fighters and...
    8. Koloss_Meshuggah

      Support Weapon: Effect Field Generator

      I have an idea for an AOE support system/weapon. This system could cause buffs to all allied ships within a certain distance based on effect modules slaved to it. It would basically work like having defensive effect moduals on each ship, but instead the moduals would be on one ship and be...
    9. bustie

      Carrier Shell 2017-07-13

      This is a long time build. The frame was built when i first started playing a few years ago, been trying to keep up since. After all this time playing i dont have a legit finished ship and i realized after looking around at a fleet of floating shells that i just enjoy making them than i do any...
    10. Jarraff

      Manta Freighter 1.0

      This freighter can be AI controlled or piloted. I had intended to make an auto launch system for the two drones that would trigger when the AHP dropped below 100 percent. But apparently the sensor block does not yet have that functionality. I may have to use a enemy detector as an auto-launch...
    11. Bladeriker

      REF Izarchi (Shell) 2017-05-20

      This is a shell for the Izarchi Class Battle Fortress Carrier. The color scheme is from "Robotech The Shadow Chronicles". I will be adding more detail on the next versions of this shell, as I am waiting on the new systems patch to fill out the insides. Dimensions, L: 682m W:209m H: 133m
    12. Ephelemi

      Carrier Modules

      So I haven't played this game for a long time, but decided to try and build some working carrier hangar systems. As I am not much interested in building full sized ships, but more the interesting parts, which are all the logic systems, I have some questions. I worked out how the carrier recall...
    13. DeepspaceMechanic


      Allow me to introduce The Isanth-Rainbow Carrier, a touch of military-grade color in the dark of space. Have fun with it and please share your opinion! FEATURES: - Twelve highly improved versions of the legendary Isanth fighter, 2 for each base color of visible light (red, orange, yellow...
    14. DeepspaceMechanic


      Allow me to introduce Nebular Nomad, a hardy interstellar hunter/ gatherer/ scavenger. Have fun with it and please share your opinion! FEATURES: - A drone hangar with 5 nice little roleplay mining drones (which can actually mine, and you can actually pull their cargo into internal storage...
    15. X

      Battlestar Galactica 2.0

      This is a replica of the main ship from the television show B attlestar Galactica. I have removed the previous version from the dock as this new ship is much more up to date and accurate.
    16. Samwiz1

      Grapevine Mini Carrier -Cannon Drones- 2017-02-06

      Well, due to popular votes on my thread Samwiz1's Organic Ships , I decided to make a carrier. But, knowing nothing about carriers, starting small would be the logical first step. So, not long after i started, i present to you the Grapevine class mini carrier. Current specifications...
    17. R

      t 1

    18. jaeemo

      Athena Class Cruiser Mk III

      The Athena Class Cruiser is a 366 x 108 x 73m harbringer of death, with a highly effective assortment of weapons. Packing an array of 10 rapid, explisive AMC:s, two dual arrays of sniper missiles, one dual array of nukes and two arrays of shield busting ion mazer with a DPS of over 6 million...
    19. MacThule

      Vau Monk 2016-12-15

      Finally - a ready-to-use, efficient mining & survey ship for the casual player! The Monk has a strong primary mining array that can clean up whole asteroids on its own within a couple of minutes. Besides that, it has 3 efficient small mining drones that finish asteroids quickly. They move on...
    20. Dalmont

      SFW. Astraea RC1-C

      You all have my sincerest apologies for not releasing anything for so long. The SFW. Astraea escort carrier is ready to take to the stars! Originally conceived as more of a demonstrator for new technologies the rising demand for fast escort ships has brought the Astraea into production. The...