Andromeda Class Carrier

    Andromeda Class Carrier MK2

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    Stats: Pending

    - 8 Small Long range Beams
    - 2 Heavey Sniper Cannons
    - High Speed
    - (docked) 4 Small Mining drones
    - (docked) 1 Scout FIghter
    - 3 Medium Yield Heat lock-on Missiles
    - FUll RP interior
    - Functional factory
    - Lots of storage
    - Red Alert
    - Auto Closing Doors
    - Anti-boarding system

    The Andromeda Class Carrier holds the record of the ship class with the longest service life in the Peace Corps. The very first Terran colonists were transported to new Eden on this variant of the Andromeda Class. The Class originally intended as a deep space exploration ship, housing all the facilities needed for a crew to operate long periods without resupply. They were capable of mining resources and manufacturing their own equipment. They were ideal for establishing new colonies.

    Though the andromeda Class was not as powerful as later peace Corp ships, it was decently well armed and could carry a complement of fighters instead of mining drones. Their large reactors and powerful engines, required for carrying heavy payloads of ore and equipment also made the ship easier to retro fit for a more dedicated combat role. Later iterations of these ships had the factories and other sections removed to enlarge the reactor and for the installation of even more powerful weapons.

    The Andromeda Class Carrier played a crucial role in every Peace Corps conflict to current day. Though capable of providing very effective artillery support, their main role was deploying and commanding highly maneuverable drone fleets. Several of these ships were stolen by the Wolf Pack Pirates and were used very effective in their conflicts as well.

    One infamous example was the Wolf Pack owned Andromeda Class named "Vengeance" that:
    - Single handedly destroyed the entire Symphonia Navy and exterminated their Populis
    - Defeated the Trident titan "Exodus", a ship twice it's mass
    - Defeated the ADF Berlin, the ADF Hamberg, the ADF Arcadia in solo engagements as well as contributed heavily to the war that led to the unconditional surrender of the Arstotzka and Trident Empires.

    DISCLAIMER: This is not the Full PVP version of this ship. This is the RP version of the ship but it is still fairly effective.
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